Agnello Dias made Global Creative Director on Unilever’s Radiant

Agnello Dias made Global Creative Director on Unilever’s Radiant

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Friday, May 04,2007 8:49 AM

Agnello Dias made Global Creative Director on Unilever’s Radiant

JWT is ensuring that Agnello Dias is busier than usual. With his recent elevation to National Creative Director, JWT has also decided to give him the complete charge of Unilever’s detergent brand Radiant globally. Dias has already been handling the business in a regional capacity prior to this. However, he is now made the Global Creative Director of Radiant and all creative teams worldwide on the business are reporting to him.

As is known, Radiant is called Surf in Indonesia and South Africa, Vizo in Vietnam, Brillante in Latin America, Omo in Thailand, and Rin in India.

In his role as the Regional Creative Director, he was looking only after the South-East Asia market that included Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, India, Vietnam and others. As part of the job profile, Dias was responsible for supervising any work done for these markets before they were released.

In his new responsibility, the scope of the job increases to include markets like Latin America, Africa and Middle East, in addition to the South-East Asia region. Explaining more on what the change implies, Dias said, “On large brands, the accent always is to find the key platform that can be seamlessly interpreted across different cultures. That said, I am still wrapping some work for India and the big global work really hasn’t started yet.”

When questioned about his preparation for the sensitivities of the other markets before approving an ad, Dias replied, “One tries to dig deep into one’s own sensitivities and try to ensure that the insights one comes up with are universal and human rather than cultural. Culturally filtering them after that is much easier.”

With this development, more changes are expected in the Radiant global creative team structure that will materialise in the near future.

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