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Aggi-Paddy’s Taproot India gives a fresh twist to Brand Nirma

Aggi-Paddy’s Taproot India gives a fresh twist to Brand Nirma

Author | Tasneem Limbdiwala | Wednesday, May 20,2009 8:31 AM

Aggi-Paddy’s Taproot India gives a fresh twist to Brand Nirma

In a bid to contemporise and refresh the core of the brand, Nirma washing powder has unveiled a new commercial, but has done that without eroding its basic essence of simplicity, sincerity and joyful upliftment. Taproot India is the creative agency behind the campaign, while Purnima Advertising is the media agency on the Nirma account. The film has been produced by Illusion Films, and directed by Shantanu Bagchi.

Creative hot shots Agnello Dias and Santosh Padhi aka Paddy, who had founded Taproot India, are all charged with this new project. However, when asked whether the agency would now handle the creative business for the brand, Paddy, Creative Chief Officer, Taproot India, clarified, “Nirma is a one-off project that we are handling. We are doing a couple of more projects as well, but there is no commitment on either side about future projects.”

Sharing the client brief on the new Nirma campaign, Paddy explained, “The original Nirma commercial has iconic status in Indian advertising. It is still very dear to a large section of the Indian middle class. Quite clearly, the brief was to contemporise and refresh the core of the brand without eroding its basic essence of simplicity, sincerity and joyful upliftment.”

The new commercial features an underwater innovation. For Paddy, the campaign objective was to reiterate the softer, mood uplifter emotions that brand Nirma has always stood for since it was launched. Thus, it needed to break new ground with the same old base, rather than demolish it and build a new platform.

However, the new commercial seems to see a bit of change in the original Nirma jingle. Explaining this, Paddy said, “Quite simply, like the visuals, the idea was to take the familiar and make it engaging and fresh once again. I don’t think anyone will stop relating to the old jingle, but will relate with it once again. Anyways, this is almost like a curtain raiser, one doesn’t rule out the possibility of a more in your face jingle in the subsequent phases.”

On the various factors kept in mind while approaching the creative brief, Paddy explained, “Both Illusion Films and we knew that the communication had to work on what is called the ‘screen saver principle’. One should not be able to takes their eyes off the screen while it is on and shouldn’t weigh on the mind when it’s gone. It should bring back a fond, happy feeling whenever one remembers it. A mind refresher that’s consumed with the eyes.”

Besides television, the creative idea will be taken to outdoor medium as well. According to Manan Soni of Purnima Advertising, which handles the media business of Nirma, the outdoor activity would be more based in the markets of Maharashtra and Gujarat. On the overall investment for the making of this campaign, Soni declined to give any numbers. He, however, informed that the Nirma annual spend was pegged in the region of Rs 40 crore. The commercial is expected to continue for a period of four months.

On the road ahead in 2009 for Taproot India, Paddy affirmatively said, “If it goes as well as it has gone so far, it will be a good year.”

Officially, the agency currently handles the creative business of The Times of India, Mumbai Mirror, IFF (India First Foundation School). However, the agency is also handling few other projects for some FMCG brands and also a few one-off projects for the US and the UK markets.

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