Ads must be truthful: Padamsee

Ads must be truthful: Padamsee

Author | exchange4media News Service | Thursday, Feb 26,2004 8:18 AM

Ads must be truthful: Padamsee

Advertisement guru Mr Alique Padamsee has urged Indian industry to promote products and services in a truthful manner so as to make them more relevant to consumers. He was addressing members of the Merchants' Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday.

Pointing out that good advertising must also be entertaining in its own way, Mr Padamsee, President of AP Amalgamated, maintained that ads have a way of identifying their own media, including such new ones as mobile phones through the SMS route. "Ads are everywhere and have become quite a part of public affairs like sporting events," he noted, adding that messages that do not entertain and otherwise attract people's attention will be ignored after a point.

On a medium like television, a brandhas to have a USP - not only a `unique selling proposition', as it is commonly known, but also a `unique strategic personality', Mr Padamsee observed.

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