AdFest announces the identities of the Fabulous Four

AdFest announces the identities of the Fabulous Four

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Wednesday, Jan 30,2008 7:14 AM

AdFest announces the identities of the Fabulous Four

Asia Pacific Advertising Festival (AdFest) President, Jimmy Lam, has announced the selection of four new directors as the ‘Fabulous Four’, tabulated from the voting of the seven juries of the inaugural New Director Lotus. The objective of the Fabulous Four is to act as a platform for exposure and recognition of talented new directors in the region.

In its first year, AdFest received 14 submissions of scripts based on REiNVENT, the theme of AdFest 2008, from new directors from cities including Dhaka, Beijing, Guangzhou, Jakarta, Manila, Osaka and Tokyo. It shows a very promising response by the industry.

Lam said that the selection process was strictly controlled. All submitted scripts sent to the New Director Lotus panel, which contains seven production leaders from seven cities, were only identified by their entry number and not their names, company or city of the entrants to ensure fairness and eliminate any bias. Each of the jury members was told to vote independently. They ranked four scripts they like best in order of their preference. The most favourite script would receive a score of 4; the second script would receive a score of 3, and so on. Each jury must list four scripts. After all the votes were submitted, the scores were added and the top 4 scorers were notified to produce the short film of the scripts they submitted under the theme ‘REiNVENT’.

New directors from Japan out-performed other participants because the top four scorers are all from Japan. Kazuhito Nakae from Sun-Ad, Takeshi Kushida from Pyramidfilm Inc, Yuriko Taki from Dentsutec Inc Tokyo, and Daisuke Izumi from Dentsutec Inc Osaka, have been selected as the ‘Fabulous Four’, winning the opportunity to attend AdFest 2008. They will start to shoot their short films, which would be between 3-5 minutes long, which will be shown at the Fabulous Four 2008 session moderated by Lam. The Fabulous Four new directors will be on the stage during the session to talk about their short films and their ideas behind them.

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