Ad Review: Vini Group getting the prickly heat out of its Sundeo powder

Ad Review: Vini Group getting the prickly heat out of its Sundeo powder

Author | Pallavi Goorha Kashyup | Friday, May 21,2010 8:41 AM

Ad Review: Vini Group getting the prickly heat out of its Sundeo powder

Darshan Patel, who was once at the helm of affairs at Paras Pharma, has now launched his entrepreneurial venture, The Vini Group, which is entering into various market categories such as branded food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals, among others. Vini Group is all set to launch its first product, Sundeo Summer Powder and have come out with a launch campaign.

Client: Vini Cosmetics
Brand: Sundeo Summer Powder
Agency: Triton Communications Pvt Ltd
Medium: TV

The Brief:

Triton Communications Mumbai Head Pankaj Arora explained, “The brief was to launch Sundeo Body Talc in the highly generic talc market. The talc market is predominantly divided into two groups – beauty powders and prickly heat powders. Ponds dominates the talc market and there are a lot of local players too. Any new brand would just be seen as a generic entrant. The challenge was to launch Sundeo in this highly generic market by creating a new category.”

The Execution:

Arora added, “The TVC was based on research findings, which showed that irrespective of whether the user suffered from prickly heat or not, he/she blindly used prickly heat powder for all summer related issues like sweating, body odour, stickiness and simple itching. The brand decided to leverage this insight to its advantage. The idea used in the ad was that ‘Medicines are used to treat diseases’. Prickly heat powders are medicines, since prickly heat is a disease. So, why use a medicine (prickly heat powder) when you do not suffer from prickly heat? So, for relief from summer problems like sweat, stickiness, itching and body odour, use a ‘Summer Powder’ and not prickly heat powder. The ad does not pull down prickly heat powders. The message is that use prickly heat powder during summer only if you suffer from prickly heat and not otherwise.”

The Final Product:

The ad film shows a father blindly applying prickly heat powder on his son’s back when he complains of the heat. Just as he is about to sprinkle the powder, his wife stops him and asks him to take a second look at the powder. She then explains to him that since their son does not suffer from the disease ‘prickly heat’ why should he be given a medicinal powder. The husband is aghast and now wiser. She then gives him Sundeo, which is a true summer powder that gives relief from all summer woes.

Xpert Comments:

According to N Padmakumar, NCD, Everest Brand Solutions, “The TVC could have been a little more lateral just to make it more watchable. Advertising by its very nature needs to be interesting and TVCs should be watchable at the very best.”

Our take:

The TVC addresses a valid point as to why use a prickly heat powder blindly during summers even if one doesn’t suffer from that skin ailment. However, the TVC is very plain, a bit boring even, and fails to stand out.

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