Ad Review: Veola Hair Oil – not much stimulation for the brand

Ad Review: Veola Hair Oil – not much stimulation for the brand

Author | Pallavi Goorha Kashyup | Wednesday, Jul 07,2010 8:52 AM

Ad Review: Veola Hair Oil – not much stimulation for the brand

Bajaj Herbals’ Veola Hair Oil seeks to stand out in a cluttered hair care market. The brand has recently unveiled its new TVC, conceptualised by Triton Communications, which takes the tried and tested route. While the ad does speak about the ‘Stimulate+’ formula that enhances hair growth, it doesn’t help the brand much in terms of breaking through the clutter.

Client: Bajaj Herbals
Brand: Veola Hair Oil
Creative Agency: Triton
Medium: TV & print

The Brief:

Pankaj Arora, Executive Director, Triton Communications, said, “Veola is a woman’s best friend as it helps her enhance her looks and makes her noticeably attractive. This is captured in the TVC through the eyes of the young protagonist, who is thinking about her youth when she was trying to seek the attention of her good looking professor. Veola Amla Stimulate+ makes her hair and, in turn, her, look, attractive and beautiful, and thus helps her get her dream man. When Veola comes into her life, it changes completely for the better, thus making Veola her best friend.”

The Execution:

In keeping with this thought process, the base line/ tag line is: ‘Veola – your best friend’. The ad conveys the message that Veola Amla with its ‘Stimulate+’ formula enhances hair growth, making it look beautiful. The target audiences are girls in the age group of 15- 35 years from SEC B, C who want to look attractive. As the girl portrayed in the TVC, the targeted girl is independent, successful, quick witted and calls her own shots. She keeps herself well groomed and takes care of herself in all ways. She is not hesitant to spend extra money to get a look that makes her more confident and gives her an edge over others.

Final Product:

Former Miss Asia Pacific and actress Dia Mirza has been chosen to be the face of Veola Amla Hair Oil. She features in the latest Veola Amla Hair Oil commercial, where she portrays the role of an art student trying to seek the attention of her handsome art instructor. But she fails to do so as her professor ignores her. She then discovers her ‘best friend’ – Veola, which makes her hair soft, shiny and thick. The art instructor starts noticing her after this transformation and finds it difficult to take his eyes off her. The commercial ends with Dia Mirza walking away with confidence and the man of her dreams.

Xpert Comments:

Commenting on the ad, Asheesh Sethi, President, Noshe Oceanic, said, “There is no brand differentiation and the proposition is weak. The TVC says nothing and is extremely hard to relate with the product-line. It is a done-to-death concept!”

Our Take:

The TVC concept is not new and script is not done well enough to create anything stellar. Moreover, the message that the product aims to propagate is not clear in the TVC.

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