Ad Review: Rooh Afza, giving a taste of celebration

Ad Review: Rooh Afza, giving a taste of celebration

Author | Shikha | Thursday, Jun 03,2010 8:28 AM

Ad Review: Rooh Afza, giving a taste of celebration

Introduced way back in 1907, Rooh Afza from Hamdard Laboratories has been seeking to keep up with the times. Actress Juhi Chawla had appeared in its TVCs a few years back to show how this ‘sharbat’ could fit into a modern household. The new TV campaign takes this peg further and revolves around everyday moments of celebration and positions Rooh Afza as the perfect refresher for these moments.

Client: Hamdard Laboratories
Brand: Rooh Afza
Agency: Triton
Medium: Television

The Brief:

The brief was to associate Rooh Afza with moments of celebration. Tarundeep Singh Rana, General Manager - Marketing, Hamdard Laboratories, explained, “Everyday in our lives, there are moments of celebration. And we seek to celebrate these moments with food and drink. With Rooh Afza already entrenched as an all natural refresher, the celebration positioning offers the brand an opportunity to strengthen and extend the brand franchisee to a larger platform, which is not only at home during summers, but with the larger family (friends, neighbours, colleagues, relatives, etc.), and on occasions which are memorable for all. Rooh Afza aims to occupy the slot of the perfect refresher in all moments of celebration.”

The Execution:

Speaking on the campaign, Ranjan Mazumdar, Brand Head, Triton, said, “The campaign was conceptualised keeping in mind a simple message that wherever and whenever India celebrates, Rooh Afza is an integral part of it, which is also the reason why the campaign revolves around the tagline ‘Jashan Ka Asli Maza’. The campaign has been devised through a montage film to capture the moments of celebrations, which are well entrenched in our society.”

The Final Product:

The TVC is a montage of various occasions that one celebrates throughout the year. It starts off with a bunch of friends throwing a surprise party to celebrate their friend’s birthday. He cuts the cake and they celebrate with Rooh Afza. In the next shot, a couple in a playful mood is flying kites and enjoying the banter with Rooh Afza. The following montages show a group of people playing Holi and enjoying the drink; a man relishing Rooh Afza at a roadside dhaba; a wedding procession is served Rooh Afza as they celebrate; a group of children playing cricket in the heat relishes Rooh Afza; and finally, before going to school two kids are served Rooh Afza with milk. The montage has a catchy background score and goes with the tagline ‘Jashan ka asli maza’.

Trump Card:

We rate the ad a 6 out of 10.

Xpert Comments:

Commenting on the ad, Naren Kaimal, Executive Creative Director, M&C Saatchi, said, “It is yet another rehash of the ‘loved by Indians of all ages and all regions’ formula that we have seen many times before; product enjoyment shots set to what they hope will be a memorable jingle. Of course, there’s no consumer insight. There doesn’t seem to be any attempt to break new ground in the concept or the execution. The jingle isn’t hummable. I can’t remember the line even after seeing it three times. And there’s nothing in the casting or acting that makes me want to see it again.”

Our Take:

We believe that the ad is run of the mill and there is nothing extraordinary in it. It does put across the idea of celebrating with Rooh Afza, but it’s not a groundbreaking concept.

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