Ad Review: Philips Energy Efficient Lamps – a light in shining armour

Ad Review: Philips Energy Efficient Lamps – a light in shining armour

Author | Shikha | Wednesday, Oct 06,2010 8:09 AM

Ad Review: Philips Energy Efficient Lamps – a light in shining armour

Philips takes the emotional route in its new campaign for its energy efficient lamps. The idea is based on the proposition that you can keep the lights on and still save money. The TVC features a mother and her son, who is afraid of the dark and how Philips energy efficient lamps leave her assured.

Client: Philips Electronics India Ltd
Brand: Philips Energy Efficient Lamps
Agency: DDB Mudra
Medium: Television

The Brief:
Commenting on the brief, Bobby Pawar, CCO, Mudra Group, said, “The brief was simple, it was about the product that gives you bright light and saves you money. How should it come alive in a manner that is believable?”

Vivek Sharma, Head - Marketing, Philips Electronics India, said, “Bright light that saves money by touching upon the emotional importance of lighting in people’s lives and at the same time bring out the energy saving benefits of lighting. We asked them to create an engaging ad that is not a run-of-the-mill product functionality focused ad. We wanted the ad to make an emotional connect with the viewer through real life instances rather than talk only about the functional benefits of product.”

The Execution:
The ad has been made by Nirvana Films. According to Pawar, the challenges in the execution of ad were to make it believable as a simple human story.

Sharma added, “The USP of the ad lies in the insightful way in which the subject of energy efficiency has been approached. It’s a fresh, clutter-breaking approach towards the idea of saving energy. We all think that the best known way to save energy is to switch off the lights, but there are times when we can’t/ don’t want to switch them off. A simpler and a more practical solution is to switch to Philips energy efficient lights to save energy while not having to worry continuously about switching off the lights. The treatment of the subject and juxtaposing it with the consumer insight is what makes the ad different.”

The Final Product:
The film opens on a kid tucked in bed. His mother is just about to walk out and turn off the light when he stops her and calls out, “Mummy.” The mother walks up to the kid and sits next to him and gently puts him off to sleep. When he falls asleep, she quietly gets up and tip-toes out of the room, switching off the light on her way out. But as she gets on with her work outside, she notices the light come on from under the kid’s room’s door and realises that her son has switched on the light to get back to sleep. She smiles to herself, understanding that the kid feels re-assured with the light on. Voiceover: “Kabhi kabhi light off karna itna aasaan nahin hota. Isiliye Philips Energy Efficient Lighting, jo de tez roshni ke saath bachat bhi” (“Sometimes it’s not so easy to switch the lights off. That’s why we bring Philips Energy Efficient lighting, which give bright light, with savings.”)

Xpert Comments:
Ajay Gahlaut, Executive Creative Director, Ogilvy, remarked, “It is a nice ad based on a real insight that children are afraid of the dark. They have taken an emotional approach and based it on a nice human insight. It is a nice way of giving the message that it is a power saving bulb layered with an emotional touch.”

Our Take:
We believe the ad touches an emotional chord and delivers the message in a subtle and simple manner. It delivers the message of energy saving lamps effectively. The ad has mass appeal and would connect with the people.

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