Ad Review: Paramount Cables goes lead-free with a dash of humour

Ad Review: Paramount Cables goes lead-free with a dash of humour

Author | Shikha | Wednesday, Jun 09,2010 8:13 AM

Ad Review: Paramount Cables goes lead-free with a dash of humour

The new TVC for Paramount Cables takes the humour peg to get the message across that its wires are lead-free wires. The ad supports Paramount’s claim of launching India’s first lead-free wires, which do not harm one’s health.

Client: Paramount Communication Ltd
Brand: Paramount Cables
Agency: Mudra
Medium: Television

The Brief:

The brief given to Mudra was to create a compact, feel-good film, where the brand name gets imprinted in the minds and also to communicate to viewers that a lead-free, non-toxic wiring option is now available in the market. Sanjay Aggarwal, Chairman & CEO, Paramount Communications Ltd, explained, “Our advertising campaign has three objectives – first, to introduce the Paramount brand name in the market; second, to reinforce the trade and the fact that Paramount is a top-rung player; and third, to communicate our USP of being the first providers of lead-free wires in India and encourage consumers to adopt lead-free wiring.”

The Execution:

The advertising campaign was conceptualised by Anil Verma, Executive Creative Director, Mudra Advertising. Commenting on the ad, Verma said, “The purpose was not to educate about the ill-effects of lead poisoning and be associated with negativity, but to approach the issue with a positive take, all the while informing viewers that lead is poisonous.”

The Final Product:

The ad starts with a car coming to a screeching halt in front of a house and a stone being pelted at one of the windows of the house. The owner of the house rushes out to the balcony, his son in tow. It is revealed that the owner is a shopkeeper. The man pelting the stone is an irate Parsi guy who had earlier bought a box of Paramout Cables from the shopkeeper. The Parsi man angrily states, “It is written on the Paramount Cable box that the product is ‘lead free’, so where is my free lead?” To this, the shopkeeper politely explains that lead-free means without any lead. The voiceover says: ‘British technology wale Paramount Cables ke saath lead nahi, health free milta hai’.

Trump Card:

We rate the ad 8 out of 10.

Xpert Comments:

Commenting on the ad, Titus Upputuru, Executive Creative Director, Saatchi & Saatchi, said, “It’s a nice way of bringing attention to something as boring a claim as lead-free. Casting of an elderly Parsi man is quite funny. The boy’s action of taking his tongue out is an intelligent way of showing something as grave as death.”

Our Take:

We feel the ad puts across the point of offering lead-free wires effectively. The lighthearted take works well for the ad and it stands out in the cluttered space of wire manufacturing companies.

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