Ad Review: Parachute Advansed – growing up with the right values

Ad Review: Parachute Advansed – growing up with the right values

Author | Shikha | Saturday, Jul 31,2010 9:02 AM

Ad Review: Parachute Advansed – growing up with the right values

Parachute Advansed’s latest TV campaign targets the young Indian woman with a single-minded value proposition – better growth of hair. The campaign aims at giving women seeking long hair a modern scientific rationale to re-affirm their beliefs in the traditional practice.

Client: Marico India
Brand: Parachute Advansed
Agency: McCann Erickson
Medium: Television

The Brief:

Commenting on the brief, Govind Pandey of McCann, said, “Women have long known that oiling is good for hair and ‘champi’ has been a part of our lives for years. Yet, when asked specifically on what oil does for hair, there is fuzziness. This campaign is part of an attempt by the brand to communicate a specific benefit for Parachute Advansed – that of three times better hair growth.”

The Execution:

The TV commercial has been directed by Prakash Varma of Nirvana Films. Sameer Sathpathy, Head of Marketing, Marico India, said, “We love the insight, it really gets the brand under the skin of the consumer.” According to Rahul Mathew, ECD, McCann Erickson, “The campaign idea – ‘Khubsurat Hai Badhna’ – works on the thought that growing as a process is gradual; everyday and beautiful. That it is the everyday experiences and realisations that help a young girl mature towards the beautiful person she is growing into.”

The Final Product:

The TVC features a young girl who is exposed to new experiences like falling of her scooter and sticking a sorry note to the damaged car, getting her house maid a gift and eating ‘dahi-cheeni’ (sweet curd) to keep her mom happy. When Parachute Advansed attempts to become a part of that shaping, it becomes much more than a hair oil in her life. As it gradually grows her hair, it begins to play a role in her own growing up. She says, “Badhti hun main roz thoda thoda, jab apni har galti se kuch seekh leti hun, Jab kar rishtey se utani hi judti hun, badti hun main roz thoda thoda, badti hun main jab auron ki khushi ke liye kuch karti hun.” The voiceover says: ‘Jaise ap roz thoda badhti hain parachute advanced se aapke bal bade teen guna zyada, roz thoda thoda, kyunki khoobsurat hai badhna.’

Xpert Comments:

Commenting on the ad, Naren Kaimal, ECD, M&C Saatchi, said, “I like it. Both because of what I see and what I don’t see. I see a positive commercial that encourages the right values to an audience that’s at an impressionable age. I see believable depictions of refreshing situations. I see a brand that has the confidence to be realistic and let itself be seen as a helper to the target audience, rather than be a pushy messiah who claims to solve all problems. What I don’t see, and thankfully so, is the standard problem-solution storyline that most hair care products play safe with. I don’t see cliched computer graphics of hair being nourished and computer generated fake ‘waterfall’ hair. And I don’t see any juries considering real world work like this for awards. So, basically I think it’s a nice thought, executed well, and will make more people think more favourably of Parachute than they did before they saw this commercial. Just what good, honest advertising is supposed to do.”

Our Take:

We believe the idea is fresh and delivers the message effectively. It is simple with no strings attached and delivers what it is set to tell subtly and beautifully.

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