Ad Review: Panchatantra powers Central Bank of India’s campaign

Ad Review: Panchatantra powers Central Bank of India’s campaign

Author | Pallavi Goorha Kashyup | Wednesday, Jun 30,2010 8:55 AM

Ad Review: Panchatantra powers Central Bank of India’s campaign

The Central Bank of India campaign revolving around the famous Panchatantra Tales with a refreshing twist make for some interesting viewing. The ads have been conceptualised by RK Swamy BBDO.

Client: Central Bank of India
Brand: Central Bank of India
Creative Agency: RK Swamy BBDO
Medium: TV

The Brief:

Sangeetha N, President - West & ECD, RK Swamy BBDO, said that the brief given to the agency was “to create communication that was fresh and different to strengthen the Central Bank of India’s positioning in the consumer’s mind”.

The Execution:

The campaign highlights Central Bank of India’s simple and different solutions, specially designed to meet customer needs and help them overcome hurdles and go about life in comfort and confidence. The Central Bank of India logo appears at the end of the TVC’s followed by the tagline: ‘Refreshingly different Ideas!’

The Final Product:

The two-TVC campaign presents the well-loved Panchatantra Tales in a new light. The first TVC is called ‘The Race’, which is based on the famous hare and tortoise tale. The twist in the tale comes when a smart and trustworthy monkey, representing the brand, hands over a pair of rollerblades to the tortoise, who then skates his way to the finishing line. A shocker for the unfair hare.

The second TVC, titled ‘The Trap’ is based on the story of the wicked hunter laying a trap for the birds in the forest. A flock of birds descends on the hidden net, attracted by the crumbs and unaware of what lies below. The twist comes when a sympathetic squirrel gnaws through the net and sets them free.

Both TVCs are rendered in 3D animation and saw the involvement of over 50 production and animation professionals.

Trump Card:

We rate the ad 8 out of 10.

Xpert Comments:

Commenting on the ads, Anusheela Saha, Creative Director, Equus Red Cell, said, “In a domain of dreary communication, as most bank communications are guilty of, this execution certainly stands out. The employment of Indian fables and a rather Indian animation style as the core creative idea sits well with the personality of Central Bank of India. But what refreshing ideas does the Bank have for prospective customers? That remains sadly unanswered. Will the communication stand out? I think so. Will the brand attract customers? I think not. It offers no compelling reasons to.”

Our Take:v

The ads do stand out in execution, with the use of animation an attraction factor. However, the brand values do not come across clearly and the ad remains more of a visual appeal than doing much for brand Central Bank of India.

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