Ad Review: O&M creates stickiness for Fevicol, again

Ad Review: O&M creates stickiness for Fevicol, again

Author | Shubhangi Mehta | Monday, Feb 28,2011 7:56 AM

Ad Review: O&M creates stickiness for Fevicol, again

Fevicol is back with its new campaign, which retains the norm of simplicity accompanied with cuteness and humour of the earlier ads.

Client: Pidilite
Brand: Fevicol
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather
Medium: Television

The Brief:
Fevicol ads have always been worth remembering in a cute way. Right from Bollywood ‘bad man’ Bob Christo wrestling with a chair made of Fevicol, to a politician who is glued to his chair, to the hen that laid unbreakable eggs, to the overflowing bus, and the joint family that refuses to fall apart. The new campaign continues along the same lines.

The Execution:
The campaign has been conceptualised by Ogilvy & Mather, as in the case of the previous campaigns for Fevicol. Anil Jayaraj, Chief Marketing Officer, Pidilite Industries, explained, “Fevicol, which is synonymous with adhesives, has always had very memorable and entertaining communication. Be it a politician glued to his chair, the hen that laid unbreakable eggs, to the overflowing bus, or the ‘Moochwali’ advertisement – all the commercials have been loved and appreciated by consumers. They often wait for the next Fevicol commercial with great expectations, and with this new ad, we are taking this legacy forward. This one is again a clutter breaking and very enjoyable commercial that will bring a smile to viewers’ face. The background score is catchy and the film will make people connect with the brand. O&M has come out trumps again and has delivered yet another entertaining commercial.”

The Final Product:
The film opens on hilly road with a newly-wed couple travelling in the jeep, when a cyclist following the jeep starts ringing the cycle bell. This irritates the husband, who tries his best to shake off the cyclist. But to no avail, as the cyclist doggedly follows the jeep, ringing the bell. The ad ends with the shot of the back of the jeep loaded with cans of Fevicol, thus revealing the reason how the cyclist could keep up with following the jeep.

Xpert Comment:
Rahul Jauhari, who is taking over as NCD of Everest Brand Solutions next month, put forth his views on the campaign and said, “I quite liked it. Infact, enjoyed watching it a lot. One little moment between the recently married couple. The story is so simple. And the storytelling so apt. Thumbs up to the Fevicol team.”

Our Take:
The campaign looks appealing just like earlier Fevicol campaigns. It is lighthearted and fun to watch and doesn’t deviate from the brand salience.

Creative: Piyush Pandey, Abhijit Avasthi
Director: Prasoon Pandey (Corcoise Films)
Servicing: Vivek Verma, Ramanathan Sridhar
Films: Porus Khareghat
Music Composer: Ehsaan Noorani
Singer: Divya Kumar
Lyrics: Piyush Pandey

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