Ad Review: Network Advertising’s ‘Sifarish’ for Jetking

Ad Review: Network Advertising’s ‘Sifarish’ for Jetking

Author | Shubhangi Mehta | Tuesday, Jul 26,2011 9:20 AM

Ad Review: Network Advertising’s ‘Sifarish’ for Jetking

Jetking was one of the first to begin hardware and networking education in India, long before the IT boom. Today, it claims to be the undisputed No. 1 in the field, having trained nearly 500,000 students.

However, over the years, hardware and networking have lost the sheen, the problem was not in the marketing of the brand, but a perception problem with the category itself. The profession began to be seen as less desirable than some of the newer options, notably BPOs and retail. Fewer and fewer people want to become the guy who goes around opening and tinkering around with computers.

Jetking’s new campaign focuses on the fact that with the growth of connectivity, remote server management and cloud computing, a hardware/ networking guy isn’t a mechanic anymore. He is a trained professional who spends more time working at his own desktop than at anyone else’s, solving complex issues without even rolling up his sleeves.

Nilesh Vaidya, ECD, Network Advertising, elaborated, “Jetking’s alumni have in the past couple of decades grown to positions of responsibility and respect in almost every industry. And the brief for the campaign was simple – make it a desirable profession again. We could have talked about success in a dozen different ways. What we finally fixed on was an insight that was unique and completely relevant to the target audience we are talking to – young men about to embark on a career, confused about what to do in life.”

Client: Jetking Hardware and Networking Institute

Agency: Network Advertising

Creative Directors: Nilesh Vaidya, Kishor Kapdekar

Account Management: D B Murli, Farzana Suri, Vincent Mendonca

Production House: Abstract Films

Director: Parikshit Vaidya

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