Ad Review: Ignite Mudra ups the cool quotient for DermiCool

Ad Review: Ignite Mudra ups the cool quotient for DermiCool

Author | Tasneem Limbdiwala | Monday, Apr 26,2010 9:39 AM

Ad Review: Ignite Mudra ups the cool quotient for DermiCool

The heat is on and how. With the summers here, prickly heat talcs are on advertising overdrive. Recently Emami’s Boroplus Ice prickly heat powder unveiled its ‘All izz well’ ad. Now the original ‘thanda-thanda’ powder DermiCool has come up with a new campaign that shows how to ‘Stay cool’ and ‘Think cool’.

Client: Paras Pharmaceuticals
Brand: DermiCool Powder
Agency: Ignite Mudra
Medium: TV, radio and internet

The Brief:

It is observed that summer heat generally leaves people frazzled and disturbed even in their mind. Thus, as a brand, DermiCool wanted to own the high ground of ‘cooling – whether physical or beyond’. Hence, the insight was that one needs to feel cool to remain calm and composed in these months.

Speaking on the thought process behind the ad, Akashneel Dasgupta, Associate Creative Director, Ignite Mudra, explained, “The ‘stay cool, think cool’ platform has been fleshed out through three identifiable real life situations that a person is likely to encounter in everyday life. It is extremely likely to lose your cool in moments of duress, especially during summer. But a cool mind can help you get out of the problem by tactfully handling the situation. And that tact and spark of ‘cool thinking’ is likely to come to you if you are physically cool and fresh.”

According to Dasgupta, DermiCool had disrupted the prickly-heat powder category more than a decade back (during its launch) by adding a ‘cooling’ sensation to the product delivery. He added, “Over time, cooling powders became a huge sub-category of talcs itself, but in the process gave birth to a lot of me-too products and challenger brands. Therefore, DermiCool had to distinguish itself as a leader and thereby has come out with a product innovation this year. Through the current communication, it has launched three new exotic variants like ‘cucumber slice’, ‘citrus blast’ and ‘watermelon’.”

The Execution:

The agency used this insight to create a series of three TVCs – titled ‘DermiCool Gas Agency’, ‘DermiCool Road’ and ‘DermiCool Rickshaw’. These TV campaigns broke on April 10, 2010 and will continue to be on air for the next three months throughout the summers. The TVCs have been directed by Amit Sharma and is produced by Chrome Pictures. Further on, the television commercials will be backed by radio spots and Internet activity.

The Final Product:

The slice-of-life campaign showcases how DermiCool users tackle stressful everyday situations with ease as they stay cool and remain unaffected by the extreme summer heat. The three TVCs show some everyday situations like trying to book a gas cylinder through inefficient officials, a girl being eve-teased by a group of goons, and not getting a rickshaw in the scorching heat. Taking these situations into consideration, the campaigns run with the line ‘Thanda Raho, Thanda Socho’.

Xpert Comments:

Hanoz Mogrelia, Senior Creative Director, Saatchi & Saatchi, found the films well shot. However, his take on the films is that the brand is trying to take up some sort of cause, plus tie up with the product. He remarked, “The films are shot well, the performances are also by and large fairly decent. But the larger question is whether such an approach actually works.” Citing an example of Tata Tea ‘Jaago re’ campaign, Mogrelia raised a question, “Do people buy more Tata Tea because of Jaago re or just feel nice about the fact that they are using that specific brand? Will people go out and buy DermiCool because of the ‘keep your cool in tough situations’ films? I am not sure I have the answer. I can only raise this question.”

On similar lines, Anil Kakar, ECD, IBD India, commented, “While it is good to see a different take on the ‘freshness’ platform as also the fact that DermiCool is trying to take the higher ground and build on the idea of ‘keeping cool’, but the question remains – Would I want to see this ad over and over again?”

Our Take:

It is surely a different take from all those prickly heat powder commercials. Compared to some of the previous ads, the latest ads manage to cut through the clutter. However, agreeing with the experts, we wonder if this would really help in influencing people to buy DermiCool. They do not convince us from a customer’s point of view. Execution wise, the ads are simple and clear in focus. They represent the great brand proposition of ‘staying cool’. Overall a good effort.

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