Ad Review: Cleartrip.com presents bytes of travelers’ tales

Ad Review: Cleartrip.com presents bytes of travelers’ tales

Author | Tuhina Anand | Wednesday, Jan 12,2011 8:10 AM

Ad Review: Cleartrip.com presents bytes of travelers’ tales

Cleartrip.com’s latest campaign is a series of 80 personal stories from travelers across numerous geographies and neatly ties up with the travel portal’s proposition of ‘Every trip has a Purpose’.

Client: Cleartrip.com
Brand: cleartrip.com
Agency: Publicis India
Medium: Television

The Brief:
To take Cleartrip.com’s consumer engagement to newer heights with the premise of ‘Every Trip has a Purpose’. Cleartrip.com is synonymous with ‘making travel simple’ for consumers over the last four and a half years, and it has taken the next step and further strengthens its relationship with the traveller with its new campaign ‘Every trip has a Purpose’. The concept underscores Cleartrip’s travel expertise, deep understanding of customers and thought leadership in the travel category.

Niraj Seth, Chief Marketing Officer, Cleartrip, said, “We believe that this campaign will speak directly to the hearts and minds of all travelers, whether you are a long time customer of Cleartrip or a first time traveler. After all, everybody has a purpose behind why they travel. This concept is real, with real people and real life experiences.”

The Execution:
The campaign has been conceptualised and created by Emmanuel Upputuru, National Creative Director of Publicis India. Upputuru explained, “Cleartrip is the gutsiest client I have met. Who would send out an agency and a production house without an approved script and cast, forget costumes and locations? Is it the best example of co-creation?”

The challenges in making this kind of film are captured by the Director and Founding Member of Little Lamb Films, Bauddhayan ‘Buddy’ Mukherji, who felt, “Never have I had so many butterflies in my stomach before a shoot. We were scripting history. A dialogue heavy film without a script and that was the challenge as well as fun. That was what sets this project apart!”

The Final Product:
The campaign vividly captures 80 personal stories from travelers across numerous geographies. The responses are real and unsolicited. These are real people who give bytes on what the purpose of their travel is.

The campaign will be extended across multiple television and online channels. An exclusive microsite, http://www.cleartrip.com/mypurpose, has been created, where travelers can share their trips and engage friends on various social networks with their purpose of travel.

Xpert Comments:
Manish Bhatt, Founder Director, Scarecrow Communications Ltd, said, “When I saw the ad, I thought it’s a good use of Vox Pop that one usually sees during client presentation. Though after watching the ad I did feel that the ad does not manage to convey what the brand Cleartrip would mean to these people. The connect is missing even though many a time a brand talks about a philosophy like here, but still it fails to evoke a connect.”

Our Take:
The ad does manage to get hold of one’s attention with the montages of people talking about their purpose of travelling. It’s simple advertising, though how much it helps the brand is questionable.


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