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Ad Review: Alpenliebe – just monkeying around

Ad Review: Alpenliebe – just monkeying around

Author | Pallavi Goorha Kashyup | Wednesday, Jun 16,2010 8:41 AM

Ad Review: Alpenliebe – just monkeying around

Alpenliebe continues with its light-hearted storytelling in its new TV campaign that brings out the monkey… er… fun girl in Kajol. The madaari-monkey concept gets a twist with hilarious results, but does it work for brand Alpenliebe

Client: Perfetti Van Melle India Pvt. Ltd.
Brand: Alpenliebe
Agency: McCann Erickson
Medium: TV, print, OOH, radio sports and viral initiative

Alpenliebe, the flagship brand of Perfetti Van Melle India, is positioned on the platform of irresistibility since its launch in 1996. Known for its commercials using the baseline ‘Jee lal chahe raha na jaye’ and ‘Lalach aha Laplap’, Alpenliebe has now further strengthened the irresistibility factor through its new TVC with the concept of ‘Role Reversal’ between a human and a monkey. While Kajol dons the role of a monkey, the madaari (master) has a monkey face.

The Brief:

Sameer Suneja, MD, Perfetti Van Melle, said, “The brief given to McCann was to create another clutter-breaking TVC for our flagship brand Alpenliebe.”

He further said, “The new TVC has the concept of ‘Role Reversal’ between human and monkey. It is a unique concept, which sees the transformation of Kajol into a monkey.”

The Execution:

The 50-second commercial has been created by McCann Erickson, headed by Prasoon Joshi. The TVC is directed by Ram Madhwani of Equinox.

Prasoon Joshi, Executive Chairman, McCann Worldgroup, India & Regional, Creative Director, APAC, McCann Erickson, said, “The central idea behind the TVC is that Alpenliebe is so irresistible that you cannot control yourself. We also showed the Darwinian evolutionary logic. It is fun to watch a monkey doing a human dance. The message that we have tried to convey is: ‘Aadmi ho ya bander, lalaach ek shaswat sach hai’.”

The Final Product:

The film opens with a ‘madaari’ (the master in monkey face) threatening someone with a stick to come down from the tree. Two kids with monkey faces come to the madaari’s rescue by giving him an Alpenleibe to tempt the person hiding in the tree to come down. The moment madaari shows Alpenliebe to the hidden person, mini-Kajol peeps out and jumps on the ground for the candy.

However, instead of giving Kajol the candy, the madaari instructs her to perform various acts like a monkey – dance, act like a bride, act like a goon, and so on. With the candy still elusive, Kajol loses her cool and tell the madaari that she would join the movies and become a heroine. On hearing this, madaari gives her the Alpenliebe. The ad ends with a man morphing into a monkey and vice versa. The VO says: ‘Aadmi ho ya bander, lalaach ek shaswat sach hai’ (Whether it’s human or monkey, greed is an unchallengeable truth).

Xpert Comments:

Commenting on the ad, Ambareesh Chakraborty, Principal Consultant and CD, RK Swamy BBDO, said, “The campaign is a mixed bag. While the track and the main talent’s voice are brilliant, the commercial does not match the effortless quality of the Happydent Palace commercial. A cliché with a ‘reversal’ approach is still a cliché. You wonder whether there were more interesting Indian situations that took on the theme of greed, which didn’t see the light of day. Towards the end of the TVC, there is an ad within an ad, with a man devolving into a monkey and a monkey becoming a man. Unnecessary. This lessens the commercial’s impact by throwing in another message in the end.”

Our Take:

The ad is quite humorous and enjoyable. In fact, so engrossed are we in the antics of the madaari and monkey, that somewhere brand Alpenliebe gets overshadowed. Kajol, as always, is a delight to watch.

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