Ad Breaks - Is the audience watching your ads?
An exchange4media analysis

Ad Breaks - Is the audience watching your ads?
An exchange4media analysis

Author | exchange4media News Service | Monday, Jan 01,1900 8:05 AM

Ad Breaks - Is the audience watching your ads?<br>An exchange4media analysis

Right. So you are ready to buy a plan. You have looked at channel share, TVRs, GRPs and what not. But, have you looked at a critical audience viewership index- Ad break TVRs. And further, figured out where exactly should your spot run in a break.

To answer the questions, we looked at two sets of data for top 5 programmes on key Hindi satellite channels- Star Plus, Zee and Sony. Average Programme TVRs & Ad Break TVRs were calculated for all episodes of top 5 programme, run during last 6 weeks (Week 50-Week 03). The arithmetic difference between average Programme TVRs and average Break TVRs reflect the loss of audience, due to ad break.

Before we begin reporting, it is only fair to expect a drop. After all, audience surf across a set of channels.

The drop, as per our analysis, is close to 13%. That means that typically the Break TVR is 13% lower than the programme TVR. This is, of course, a generalization. From the table below, please note the variation in the ‘Average Difference’ column. The data range is 22% to 7%. Note the relative stability in average Difference for programmes on Star Plus. This could be a result of fairly regulated inventory management, where too much clutter is avoided.

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