ACT II Popcorn making a commercial break welcome

ACT II Popcorn making a commercial break welcome

Author | Tasneem Limbdiwala | Wednesday, May 28,2008 9:15 AM

ACT II Popcorn making a commercial break welcome

The new Act II Popcorn commercial is simplicity at its best and makes commercial breaks – at most times quite annoying – a welcome diversion. The TVC has been conceptualised by Robby Mathew, National Creative Director, Interface Communications and produced by Nebula Films.

Speaking on the thought process, Mathew explained, “When Agro Tech launched Act II Popcorn, they had a big challenge to overcome. In India popcorn is something that you consume when you go to a theatre. In fact, when you think of popcorn, the images that come to mind are theatre, the interval, a big popcorn machine, and the smell of fresh popcorn. Home consumption of popcorn is not very high. The challenge was to dramatically increase home consumption.”

Taking the challenge forward, Mathew said, the other challenge was the budget, which was very low. “The idea rode piggy back on the ad break itself. Keeping in mind the budget, the creative was kept extremely simple – no models, no fancy locations, nothing,” he added.

The creative linked popcorn consumption with the home equivalent of a theatre – the television – and thus the tagline, ‘Act II popcorn, the better half of television’.

Mathew further said that the key insight that the agency operated on was the fact that ad breaks during a TV programme were re generally used to raid the refrigerator or the kitchen shelves for snacks.

The commercial features a series of slides in black and white, with the first slide saying ‘Do you know why companies make ads?’ Slide 2 continues: ‘So that you can go to your microwave and make a bowl of Act II Popcorn without missing the programme’. The last slide emphasises the tagline: ‘Act II popcorn, the better half of television’.

Thus, the creative implies that a small ad break is enough to make a fresh bowl of Act II Popcorn. The commercial broke on May 2 and would be on air till June 30, 2008.

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