ABN AMRO One credit card TVC highlights cash back offer

ABN AMRO One credit card TVC highlights cash back offer

Author | Pallavi Goorha | Friday, Jun 15,2007 9:45 AM

ABN AMRO One credit card TVC highlights cash back offer

ABN AMRO has launched a campaign for its ‘One’ credit card. The objective of the campaign is to drive home the point that with the ABN AMRO One credit card, one can get true cash back, irrespective of purchase, occasion or the outlet, and for a lifetime. The ad agency behind the campaign is Publicis.

Deepesh Jha, Creative Director, Publicis said, “The brief given by the client was to launch a credit card for masses that gives consumers ‘cash back’ on every purchase, everywhere, every time, for a lifetime. The communication has to be very distinct from regular competitive credit cards, where ‘cash back’ is treated like a promo feature, only meant for a kind of purchase, kind of outlet, or is time bound as an offering. It’s even a misnomer at times.”

The TVC is set in a train heist by dacoits. The motley bunch has a dwarf dacoit too; he is carrying an empty trunk for the loot. These dacoits mean business and are collecting valuables and money from passengers, but the ‘sardar’ extorts things in local lingo of Eastern UP dialect with sardonic humour. With idiosyncratic gestures and exclamations, the dacoit intends to establish that he is not looting everything from everyone. He then stumbles on a gentleman who pulls out his wallet to pay up, only to realise that he has no money. As the other dacoits cock their guns menacingly, the man offers his only means to pay -- an ABN AMRO One credit card.

The sardar scrutinises the card, realising the full meaning of what has just happened. He reaches into his pocket with disgust and gives some cash back to the gentleman, much to the dismay of the other dacoits who don’t understand why their leader returned money on being presented the credit card. In shock, the dwarf collecting the loot faints, as the voiceover explains that the ABN AMRO One credit card gives you cash back anytime, anywhere, for a lifetime on every transaction. To add humour, the voiceover is in the typical tenor of Gabbar Singh.

Jha said, “The concept of cash back has been heightened by taking the creative liberty of using the card to pay a dacoit, and even getting cash back from him.” He further explained that the campaign would take the 360-degree route. “Apart from the TVC, we have outdoors and ‘inside-bank branch’ communication already in place,” explained Jha.

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