Aamir Khan keeps up with the times in Titan’s latest TVC, and otherwise

Aamir Khan keeps up with the times in Titan’s latest TVC, and otherwise

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Thursday, Apr 20,2006 7:42 AM

Aamir Khan keeps up with the times in Titan’s latest TVC, and otherwise

Actor Aamir Khan has taken quite a bit of media space of late with his involvement in a social cause instead of the usually seen commercial issues. But the timing could have been awkward for his latest Titan TVC. Titan officials, however, are of the opinion that Khan being in the media light for political reasons is in his personal capacity and really bears no impact on brand Titan.

Perhaps it is the choosiness rather than mass endorsements that Khan is known for or may be it is his involvement in any advertisement, but the media often has something to write about for most commercials starring Khan. As far as Titan is concerned, in TVC after TVC, Khan has a ‘cooler than before’ element in every ad and the latest Titan TVC is in keeping with this.

The ad that broke mid-April across media has seen presence on all major national, regional, news and entertainment channels. Suparna Mitra, Head of Marketing, Titan Watches, informed that the primary objective of the ad was to create top of the mind recall for Titan as a gifting option for the upcoming wedding season, which starts from April and goes up to July.

“The secondary objective of the ad was to highlight Titan watches as a gift for any occasion or no occasion. In the new ad one can see Aamir Khan gifting Zohra Seghal a Titan watch, which brings a smile on Zohra’s face, this clearly communicates our tagline 'Kabhi kisi mauke pe, Kabhi yunhi,” added Mitra. The TVC will be supported by print campaigns and hoardings in specific markets.

Speaking on a larger picture, Mitra divulges more on the creative strategy behind Titan ads. She said, “The creative strategy for each Titan ad depends upon a lot of factors comprising the marketing objective, the target audience and so on. Keeping in mind all these factors, the creative strategy is formulated in such a manner that is blends perfectly with Aamir Khan along with Titan's signature tune.”

Time and again, advertising agencies have expressed problems that come with celebrity endorsements. Industry leaders stress that many a times agencies have allowed mediocrity to pass off, purely on the basis of celebrity factor in a communication. Aamir Khan, and many of the works that he has done for Indian advertising, is one example of where a brand ambassador can be leveraged.

The fact that despite seeing some share of flak from various pockets of the country in recent times, Khan has still been able to give an ad that would do a brand manager proud only vindicates this.

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