Aamir Khan comes up with some smart ideas for Monaco

Aamir Khan comes up with some smart ideas for Monaco

Author | Rishi Vora | Friday, May 23,2008 8:20 AM

Aamir Khan comes up with some smart ideas for Monaco

From a salty-snacky proposition, Monaco has gone nice and naughty with Aamir Khan and his ‘Dil Chahta Hai’ style cool and smart act. Conceptualised by Everest Brand Solutions, the biscuit brand from Parle Product Ltd has associated with Khan in a bid to re-position Monaco with more focus on the consumer.

Vipin Dhyani, Creative Director, Everest Brand Solutions, said, “Aamir fits perfectly with our communication strategy. He is a versatile personality and he has worked in almost all genres of films, be it a love story, comedy, action, etc. You don’t expect Aamir to do mundane things, since he is always on a lookout for creative roles. Monaco had a connect with Aamir in a sense that it brings out the brand wanting to be different from other products in the market.”

Currently, two TVCs are on air featuring Khan, who thinks up some ingenious ways to get out of sticky situations. The first commercial titled ‘Scratch’ shows three tired and sweaty sportsmen being ordered by their coach to do two more laps of running round the track. Seeing their plight Khan decides to take things in hand. When the coach approaches his car he gets a shock on seeing a huge and ugly scratch on his car that says ‘I love u’. The coach presumes it to be one of the sportsmen’s handiwork and begins to scold them. Khan then pulls off the offending scratch, which is actually a transparent sticker and all have a hearty laugh. Even the coach appreciates the joke.

The second commercial shows Khan and his friends trying to cross the road to reach a movie hall, but find their way blocked by a procession. So, the quick-thinking Khan instructs his friends to act as if they are holding a huge transparent piece of glass and move briskly through the procession yelling at people to make way as they are carrying the breakable stuff. The crowd gives passage to the guys who make it to the other side of the road and are on time for the movie.

Further commenting on the strategy, Dhyani said, “The new positioning shifts the focus from the product to the consumer. The consumer is now empowered to make light of things. The product is a mere endorser of this philosophy, which is a way of life. The humour is subtle and never at the cost of the others.”

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