AAAI continues with Diamond Jubilee celebrations, felicitates past presidents

AAAI continues with Diamond Jubilee celebrations, felicitates past presidents

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Thursday, Aug 03,2006 7:58 AM

AAAI continues with Diamond Jubilee celebrations, felicitates past presidents

The Advertising Agencies Association of India (AAAI) on August 3, 2006 organised an evening to take stock of some of its achievements in the past 60 years. Besides felicitating its past presidents, the evening also saw industry bodies like the Indian Broadcast Fraternity (IBF), Indian Newspaper Society (INS) and the Indian Society of Advertisers (ISA) delve on the collaboration between these bodies and the AAAI to address various industry issues.

The host of the evening, Srinivasan Swamy, who was re-elected AAAI President for the third time on August 2, 2006, spoke briefly on all the past presidents and the contribution they had made to the industry and to AAAI.

Some of the issues that the industry bodies spoke revolved around the lack of talent, pay packages becoming more significant for young professionals, and the 15 per cent agency remuneration becoming redundant, among other issues.

Enumerating the initiatives that AAAI had taken for the industry, pitch fees being the most recent one, Swamy introduced the three bodies – IBF, INS and ISA. Bharat Patel, Chairman, ISA, reiterated the unity between AAAI and ISA and gave some examples of the work that the bodies had been able to do to protect advertiser and agency interests. He said, “To quote a magazine, ‘AAAI and ISA have worked as a successful duo that irons out any issues between the advertisers and the agencies’, and any time there has been an attack on advertising, we have joined hands.”

Echoing similar sentiments, INS President, Jacob Mathew, said, “We are seeing a multiplication syndrome, where media entities are splitting and each entity borne from this is growing further. In such a scene that can lead to chaos, INS and AAAI enjoy a strong relation based on mutual trust and confidence. We have the shared aim of running the business more smoothly and successfully.”

Mathew further said, “AAAI has taken Indian advertising to the world and has brought the world to us. We anxiously await centenary celebrations of AAAI and many more years of this healthy partnership.”

Jawahar Goel, who represented IBF, pointed out that of these industry bodies, broadcasting was the youngest and was still trying to finds its footing in terms of establishing itself as an entity. He cited the case of collections from the agencies, where IBF had worked very hard to achieve some results and emphasised that together with AAAI, there was much that the IBF intended to achieve to strengthen this sector further.

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