A touch of ‘Grease’ in Sony Cyber-shot TVC

A touch of ‘Grease’ in Sony Cyber-shot TVC

Author | Deepshikha Singh | Monday, Jul 28,2008 8:19 AM

A touch of ‘Grease’ in Sony Cyber-shot TVC

“It’s a Sony”, was enough to convince a generation of users about high quality standards. But with rapid progress in technology and the advent of several strong competitors, Sony is now seeking to refurbish its brand image, especially among the tech-savvy younger generation. This is seen more so in the fast growing digital camera segment, where Sony has the iconic Cyber-shot.

The latest Sony Cyber-shot ad aims to strengthen its brand equity and position. The ad focuses on the simple and functional usage of the camera, an aspect which makes it stand out from the rest along with conveying its youthful appeal for the 18-28 age group, belonging to SEC AI and A2 category.

Sony had unveiled its brand communication in May 2008 covering television, press and outdoor. As part of this communication, a TVC was released, which was conceived by the creative team at Hakuhodo Percept, and directed by Shamin Desai. The film was shot in Pondicherry to impart a distinct European look to the commercial.

Manish Masih, Senior Creative Director, Hakuhodo Percept Pvt Ltd, said, “When Sony briefed us to further strengthen Cyber-shot’s brand equity, their marketing objective was pretty simple – highlight the superiority of the Cyber-shot digital cameras by showcasing three key features – Double Anti-Blur Solution, Face Detection and Intelligent Scene Recognition. The challenge for the creative was to come up with a script that not only seamlessly integrates the three key benefits of the product, but is also exciting and relatable to the target group young, urban consumers with a love for gadgets.”

The TVC has revolved around the product based communication along with conveying a zing of youthful approach. It highlights the simplicity of its usage and how a push is all that is required to get the perfect picture.

“The creative idea took inspiration from the 80s hit musical ‘Grease’ and literally made a song and dance about the three features. The idea of a beautiful girl being followed by a young man with the Cyber-shot reminds one of John Travolta’s gyrations to impress a ‘newly’ bold Olivia Newton John, albeit in a much more modern scenario. The idea was to tackle each feature during the walk and dance routine that the protagonist indulges in while following the beauty, with a few of her equally good looking friends. A catchy jingle forms the soundtrack of the film and brings out its youthful character,” Masih added.

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