360 Degree Interactive to launch online creative collaboration tool, TracBac

360 Degree Interactive to launch online creative collaboration tool, TracBac

Author | Gokul Krishnamurthy | Monday, Feb 06,2006 8:05 AM

360 Degree Interactive to launch online creative collaboration tool, TracBac

360 Degree Interactive, a Chennai-based integrated interactive communications and marketing agency, is all set to launch a creative online collaboration tool, TracBac. In its final phase of testing now, the tool will be launched in early-March. It will be offered free for the first one month, and is targeted at creative professionals worldwide.

Said R L Narain, Director, 360 Degree Interactive, “Creative professionals for long have had to deal with client corrections, changes, feedbacks and more. Since everything is visual, communication is the problem. Visually, if you would like to change, align, redo, rework something, it is tough to communicate via email. The creatives need clear instructions in terms of design. Clients require a better interactive environment like a digital whiteboard with advanced marking features to comment, mark and instruct changes. Thus, TracBac was born. TracBac is an online, web-based creative collaboration tool for creatives, agencies, account executives and clients.”

With TracBac, creatives can be uploaded and multiple reviewers can be invited to peruse it. The creative will be placed with a digital whiteboard and advanced marking features like file uploads, audio notes and chat invites. Using commenting tools, clients or other reviewers can mark changes on the creative. Each reviewer’s change is saved as a separate layer on top of the creative.

Once the reviewers are through with the changes, the creative agency will get an e-mailed intimation. They can then go back to the creatives to see the changes and act on them. The system, therefore, permits multiple reviewers with multiple versions for every creative.

“Thus, we cut short the time consuming process of understanding what the ‘client really meant’ and ‘how he understands the creative’, etc. This will not just save time and reduce costs for the agency, but will also provide in a visual form what the client actually needs,” added Narain.

In addition, the creative agency on signing up for the account can customise the system for multiple clients, multiple reviewers and multiple versions for multiple campaigns. This will allow the agency hands to monitor, track, present and seek feedback on multiple client work, without leaving their desks.

One of the key advantages of the tool is that no downloads are involved since it is a web application. While the tool can be tried out for free for a month from its launch date – which is expected to be in the first week of March – the pricing will be kept affordable, we are assured.

“The idea is to keep the transaction at less than $1 per campaign. It will be a ‘pay as you go’ model, and though we aren’t decided on the exact figures, we’re looking at starting off at $25 per month,” explained Narain.

The product is being tested out with a few agencies now, and is said to be in its ‘final testing’ phase. The tool will add on features along the way, and 360 Degree Interactive is beginning its foray on Indian shores, but looking far beyond them for TracBac. A ‘modest, pessimistic expectation’ from TracBac is revenues of Rs 2-2.5 crore in 18 months.

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