141 Sercon adds 3 innovative marketing tools to its arsenal

141 Sercon adds 3 innovative marketing tools to its arsenal

Author | Pallavi Goorha and Puneet Bedi Bahri | Friday, Jul 18,2008 8:31 AM

141 Sercon adds 3 innovative marketing tools to its arsenal

141 Sercon has unveiled what it is calling, Asia’s first bouquet of marketing tools – Pulse Suite. These online marketing tools – Market Pulse, Shopper’s Pulse and Event Pulse – operate on easy to understand technology and are aimed at helping brands decipher complex consumer behaviour, drive consumer communication and engagements.

While Shopper’s Pulse has been priced at Rs 180,000, Market Pulse and Event Pulse are priced at Rs 120,000 each. Maintenance cost of these tools is Rs 50,000 per month.

The Pulse range of tools is effective ammunition in a marketer’s arsenal and comes out with the assurance of satisfaction guaranteed or money back. With these tools, marketers are reassured of effective tracking of the marketing budgets, which in turn allows them to maximise return on investment.

Vijay Singh, Managing Director, 141 Sercon, said, “These tools are present in 12 countries in Asia, including India, and are available only in English language right now. Another new tool that we will be launching in 45 days’ time is Reg Pulse (registration pulse). This is a B2B tool and is meant for large scale projects. We are targeting India, Macau, Singapore, Thailand and China.”

He added, “30 per cent of the revenue from these tools comes from India and remaining 70 per cent is from the rest of Asia market. We will be launching 10 tools by the end of this year and another five by next year.”

Market Pulse leverages technology and advanced research methodology to report last mile insights via easy to understand dash boards. The realisation is that 70 per cent of the decisions are taken at the last minute by consumers.

“For instance, when a consumer enters the store with a prefixed notion to buy a particular brand but ends up buying something else because of competitive price, display platform, and variety,” Singh pointed out, adding, “The outcome of this research is that the company comes to know of the challenges that are being faced by them in the market. These challenges are: How clear is the messaging, how impactful is the display, how powerful is the promotion, at what level is the pricing done, and which brand is eating into the share of the company.”

Shopper’s Pulse measures the impact of point-of-sale presence of a brand on the conversions of prospect to a customer. The tool helps in generating last mile insights which allow the brand to focus its marketing budgets where they will get the best results.

Event Pulse measures the impact that a strategic promotional event has had on an audience or participant vis-à-vis their propensity to the brand being promoted. This tool helps in generating insights which allow the brand to determine the nature of event related association, which has the highest returns in terms of conversion.

Singh further said, “These tools are useful for brands, retail and large format retailers. We are talking to WPP agencies only in Europe where we are not present. We are extremely bullish on these tools and will promote them through ‘reach out’ programmes, online banners, and other media. These tools have been made in-house.”

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