‘Wah Taj’ to ‘Wah Wah Taj’: Brooke Bond Taj Mahal has come a long way

‘Wah Taj’ to ‘Wah Wah Taj’: Brooke Bond Taj Mahal has come a long way

Author | Pallavi Goorha | Friday, Jun 09,2006 7:17 AM

‘Wah Taj’ to ‘Wah Wah Taj’: Brooke Bond Taj Mahal has come a long way

For years Ustad Zakir Hussain has expressed his admiration for Brooke Bond Taj Mahal with a “Wah Taj”. Now, with a more enthusiastic exclamation from the tabla maestro, HLL has introduced an expanded product range, new packaging and new communication for its premium tea brand.

Said Anand Ramachandran, Marketing Manager Brooke Bond, said, “In our continuing endeavour to bring the best proposition to our valued consumers, we are relaunching Brooke Bond Taj Mahal Tea with an expanded product-range, in an all-new attractive packaging.”

He further said, “Our master blenders and tasters painstakingly select the finest teas to create a robust, full-bodied brew with a lingering aroma that makes you say ‘Wah Taj!’ There is no change in the positioning of Brooke Bond Taj Mahal as the “Hazaaron Mein Ek” tea. Brooke Bond Taj Mahal has tried to build on its property of the Ustad now saying ‘Ab Wah Wah Taj’, which is justified by the premium packaging that Taj is now available in. The packaging has been changed to bring alive the fact that Taj is the premium tea in the market.”

“Taj continues its 19-year-old association with Zakir in this re-launch too, as Zakir brings in the element of continuity to the brand while the look and feel of the pack has changed. This new packaging and the ‘night plucking story’ is being communicated to consumers through an 360-degree media campaign, which consists of TV, press, the Internet, outdoors, Citibank credit cards, cinema plan and local on-ground activation,” Ramachandran said.

According to him, “The innovation and freshness that comes with the new Brooke Bond Taj Mahal pack is an experience that builds on the brand’s promise of bringing the best of India to its consumers. The new design and packaging, inspired by the Taj Mahal monument in the moonlight, is simply world class.”

Brooke Bond Taj Mahal Tea is a pioneer among tea brands in India. It was the first to introduce tea bags in India and followed it up by introducing flavoured tea bags for the tea connoisseurs. For the true tea lovers, Brooke Bond Taj Mahal is in the process of launching a range of Connoisseur teas, selected from the premium tea estates of Darjeeling and the Himalayas.

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