‘Retirement it is’ for Tata AIG Life Insurance’s new campaign

‘Retirement it is’ for Tata AIG Life Insurance’s new campaign

Author | Pritie S Jadhav | Monday, Feb 06,2006 8:08 AM

‘Retirement it is’ for Tata AIG Life Insurance’s new campaign

Keeping in sync with a brand that has always intended to successfully communicate its philosophy of ‘anticipation’ and ‘innovation,’ Tata AIG Life Insurance has launched its new campaign to reinforce the brand ethos. Having established its equity in the area of ‘thinking ahead’; the brand now aspires to translate this into a ‘benefit’ in the customer’s life.

The new advertising campaign created by Bates India propagates the idea that ‘Retirement is the beginning of your dream life’ and positions retirement as the phase to look forward to; a productive and profitable phase of life where one can indulge in what one desires.

“The idea is that retirement is something that you can look forward to as this is the beginning of your second life, where you can live your ‘deferred dreams’,” said Rohit Mull, VP, Marketing, Tata AIG Life, on the creative thought.

He added, “The new communication aims at driving home the fact that Tata AIG Life Insurance’s retirement plans will enable an individual to enjoy a productive and fulfilling retirement. The proposed brand platform, therefore, is ‘Innovations that enable your dreams’.”

The newer generation of Indians have clearly moved from a ‘resigned to destiny’ mindset to an ‘active destiny’ mindset. However, in their pursuit of ‘making their destiny’ work for them, they are seeking insurance products that are ‘enablers of these dreams’ rather than insurers of tomorrow. This is the reason why retirement plans and investment oriented insurance plans have found a good market in the country.

Apart from the shift in mindset, the buoyancy of the share market and the desire to participate in equities through a hassle-free and safe mechanism is also making unit linked retirement plans a hot pick with the India of today.

The advertisement campaign broke on air on February 3 and will be on air for 45 days, going on mass and news channels. “There are currently three executes of the ad, two of which feature Harsha Bhogle, who talks on Invest Assure. These two are produced by Film Farms. A third film, which is called the ‘Shack’ film, is produced by Puneet Issar’s PI Productions. We are in the process of creating one more film,” Mull further said.

Currently, not many players in the industry are looking at the retirement segment and thus, Tata AIG Life’s concentration on this segment would help them realise their growth target of 70-100 per cent by 2006-07.

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