‘Re-Invent’ is the theme for AdFest 2008; event from March 26-29, 2008

‘Re-Invent’ is the theme for AdFest 2008; event from March 26-29, 2008

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Monday, Sep 03,2007 9:33 AM

‘Re-Invent’ is the theme for AdFest 2008; event from March 26-29, 2008

The Asia Pacific Advertising Festival (AdFest) will be held from March 26 to March 29 next year. AdFest also unveiled a new theme entitled ‘Re-invent’ and a new icon for AdFest 2008.

AdFest President, Jimmy Lam, said, “We had a marvellous 10th anniversary this March for AdFest. We must push forward to further enhance the festival in 2008 in order to live up to the promise of the most respected annual event for advertising, marketing and production industry in the Asia-Pacific.”

An official communiqué stated, “AdFest believes that ‘re-invention is key if agencies are to survive’. According to an IPA report published in January 2007, tomorrow’s consumers will be increasingly hard to reach in the next 10 years, so agencies will need to re-invent themselves. In future, agencies must recognise that the advertiser, agency and consumer relationships would be challenged with new models of engagement.”

“By 2016, the hypothesis is that media owners will be integrating brands directly into content and editorial, and savvy consumers will be taking control of content and the flow of interactions. Therefore, if agencies don’t take these opportunities, there would be tremendous implications in terms of their relationships with clients, their remuneration packages, and ultimately their very existence,” the statement further said.

In addition to announcing the theme, AdFest has launched a new icon for 2008. The icon attempts to depict the mind of an agency person as he thinks of ways to re-invent. The arrows that radiate out from the head represent the ideas generated as agencies seek to find that change. The icon has a 3D ‘look and feel’ to it.

The red arrow bears similarity to the devil’s tail, which strengthens the theme of ‘re-invent’ as agencies look to evolve to being more ‘different’ in order to survive, instead of taking the straight and narrow route.

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