‘No confusion, Just great combination’ with Bingo from ITC foods

‘No confusion, Just great combination’ with Bingo from ITC foods

Author | Tasneem Limbdiwala | Monday, May 07,2007 9:31 AM

‘No confusion, Just great combination’ with Bingo from ITC foods

‘Bingo’, the brand of ITC Food, has launched its recent commercial with the tagline, ‘No confusion, Just great combination’. O&M, Bangalore, is the creative agency and Interactions is the media agency. The TVC has broken in five different series titled ‘Django’, ‘Flamingo’, ‘Glad Bangles’, ‘Vango Pongo’ and ‘5 Liars’.

Amit Akali and Malvika Mehra, Creative Directors, O&M, Bangalore, have worked on the campaign, while Sendil Kumar has penned the script for the film. The TVC has been produced by Footcandles and Rajesh Krishnan is the Director.

Speaking on the thought process of the campaign, Mehra explained, “The brief was very clear that it is about product combination. This is what we are bringing about in the ad and in the brand name. The brand name is also important because there is a monopoly in the chips sector with Frito Lays. So these were the two points we had to bear in the mind while cracking the creative for this product. Since it is the snacking category, we could get away with stuff which is irreverent and fun.”

On the marketing strategy, Simi Sabhaney, Head-Advertising, O&M, Bangalore, said, “The Bingo snack range is a combination of popular flavours handpicked from across India and convenient formats like chips, triangles and sticks. We were also entering a market which was dominated by a single player. Research revealed that snacking thrives on constant injection of excitement and on the image value of the brand. Those brands which found high acceptance among the youth gained acceptance among the rest of the family as well. The role of communication became clearly defined in this context.”

She added, “Overall, we needed to build buzz and badge value while establishing the brand name, in a manner that was clutter-breaking and appealed to the youth. The other objective was to establish combinations in an interesting and memorable way.”

The creative execution was basically a play on words rhyming with Bingo. So, in first half of the film, the plot that unfolded was completely unrelated to snacks or Bingo. Themes like flamingos, the hunt for a terrorist named Django, language learning programmes were dealt with. The idea was to lead the viewer into thinking that they were watching some snippet on National Geographic or on tele-shopping, and then the ad would break into the Bingo product window with the central voiceover explaining that the birds, terrorists, characters should not be confused with Bingo since none of them had the irresistible combinations that Bingo had.

Speaking on the launch of the campaign initially, Mehra said, “We actually did a very good teaser, which was a viral campaign, before revealing the brand. It had a set of five to six ads that ran through the Internet.”

The promotional launch began with viral mails, followed by TVC. The campaign later broke with outdoor, print and radio, with eight spots across channels. Talking on how long the campaign would be on air, Mehra answered, “Since it is getting a good reaction, we intend to extend it for a bit, but we cannot give an approximate date on how long. So there will be definitely more stuff coming across for Bingo.”

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