‘IQ must meet EQ to build a connect’ - Video & Session report

‘IQ must meet EQ to build a connect’ - Video & Session report

Author | Srabana Lahiri | Friday, Apr 20,2012 10:13 AM

‘IQ must meet EQ to build a connect’ - Video & Session report

“It’s my wife’s birthday, so I’m in deep trouble... I’d better have a few photographs to prove what I am doing here, else I will be in more trouble...,” joked Jean-Yves Naouri, COO, Publicis Groupe, kicking off the inaugural session of the Advertising Conclave at GoaFest 2012. That set the tone for Naouri’s presentation on ‘Ideas that Impact the Full Circle’ involving brands, technology, data and the consumer.

“While it is imperative to listen to clients, we must not fear to challenge the brief,” said Naouri. He added that in the past, consumers were doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc., and things were simple because brands knew how to target them and carpet-bombing advertisements worked. But people these days multi-task – they are uploading, downloading, mailing, Facebooking, tweeting and working, all at once. And advertising still has to catch their attention. “We need to change the way brands communicate. Intrusive brands are out. Now, the need is to blend with the consumer’s life,” he observed.

Naouri made the point that brands have to engage in conversations with the consumer wherever they are to get their attention. Presenting examples such as Contrex, My Slimming Partner, Oasis Fruit Hero of the Year and Chocolate Cow Sales campaigns, he said each of these brands showed immediate increase in sales after the campaigns that engaged directly with consumers in their day-to-day lives.

In achieving this, Naouri advocated the role of social media, which can bring the rational closer to the emotional. “When IQ meets EQ, it can build sustainable engagements between brand and consumer,” he said.

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