‘Have trust and large ideas will work’

‘Have trust and large ideas will work’

Author | Shree Lahiri | Friday, Apr 20,2012 10:15 AM

‘Have trust and large ideas will work’

Building brands in an era of multiple degrees of freedom was the topic taken up by Jayant Murty, Director of Strategy, Media & Integrated Marketing, Asia Pacific Region, Intel Corp. at the Advertising Conclave of GoaFest on Thursday.

He pointed out that we create extraordinary content on the Net. Citing the example of the Audi-Lady Gaga connect that led to the largest search operation on the Net, the robots at the London Design Festival, where people sent SMSes that were projected on the sky, he explained that it all happened without planning any integration and became a huge hit.

People are looking for more real information about brands, and this is becoming crucial information, he said. Giving examples of Nike, Apple, Skittles and Zappos which changed the rules of the game, he said that the role of brands was to create platforms where everyone can have conversations. “The company that understood the role of content is Nike; it’s about how you engage consumers,” he said.

Looking at the role of 360-degree, he highlighted the fact that the trends to consider in 360-degree thinking are generosity, experience, status, utility, transparency and eco-sensitivity. He pointed out that brand experience and eco-sensitivity are becoming big. A point in case for eco-sensitivity he presented was that Amazon was sending books with seeds in the packaging, so that people can plant the seeds and watch them grow.

“Think 360-degree, don’t act 360-degree,” was his tip. “Don’t think about 360-degree as TV, etc, but as screens on tablets or mobiles.”

Referring to Bill Gates, who spoke about “business at the speed of thought”, he pointed out that a lot of this is happening today. At the end, Murty outlined what one should follow on the road ahead. “Try to solve the problem, curate. Don’t institutionalise; work on open collaborations. Technology unleashes creativity, master its use. Be useful and niche. Identify the believers and engage. Don’t go for large numbers. Have trust and large ideas will work,” he concluded.

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