‘Full circle is a necessity, not an option’ - Video & Session report

‘Full circle is a necessity, not an option’ - Video & Session report

Author | Srabana Lahiri | Friday, Apr 20,2012 10:09 AM

‘Full circle is a necessity, not an option’ - Video & Session report

A full circle is not an option but a necessity for a brand, said Tim Love, CEO (APIMA) and Vice-Chairman, Omnicom Group, speaking at the Advertising Conclave at GoaFest. “Technology drives our existence. A very different world is emerging, and for it, a frame of reference is extremely necessary,” he added.

Love mentioned the Omnicom Group’s collaboration value chain based on the principle that consumer is the client, not the other way round, and clients reward us for helping them with consumers. “To help deliver better ideas faster, let ideas lead and break the bureaucracy of idea transfer,” he said.

Observing that internet penetration in India is only 8 per cent, compared to 80 per cent in the US and Japan and 40 per cent in China, Love said, “Some weaknesses turn out to be our strengths.” People operate on multiple devices, and in an hour, an internet user switches content sources an average of 27 times, he added, explaining how a brand has to build a connect in spite of the consumer’s faltering attention.

Love’s presentation included a scientific deduction of the way a brand connects to a consumer’s mind. Through ‘Network Effect: Metcalfe’s Law’ and ‘Network Effect: Love’s Law’, he showed how more value can be added to an engagement and how the power to choose is ours. Citing neuroscience findings, Love said learning more about the human mind is of utmost importance to build a brand. In this connection, he said if people in India think their minds work faster than the minds of people in other countries, it is true, because every Indian speaks at least three languages.

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