‘Fasten your seat belts’, Flying Machine jeans out to recapture earlier glory

‘Fasten your seat belts’, Flying Machine jeans out to recapture earlier glory

Author | Rosy Ngaihte | Saturday, Dec 22,2007 6:51 AM

‘Fasten your seat belts’, Flying Machine jeans out to recapture earlier glory

Once one of the leading jeans brands in India, Flying Machine is out to make its presence felt in the market again. The jeans brand from Arvind Mills Ltd has embarked on an aggressive communication strategy after a lull since 2003, and this time Flying Machine has got Abhishek Bachchan to give the brand a much-needed boost.

The latest TVC of Flying Machine jeans is the brainchild of Meridian. The TVC has been directed by Rensil D’Silva, Executive Creative Director, Meridian, while the production house for the film is Corcoise.

Alok Dubey, Business Head-Flying Machine, Arvind Mills, said, “With this TVC we want to relaunch Flying Machine. We have already done two more campaigns for the brand – the first one was in May 2007 in the print media, and the second one was when we had come out with our autumn / winter collection, featuring our brand ambassador Abhishek Bachchan. This campaign involved print media and hoardings. We then thought about the TVC, which would enable us to connect with our customers more directly and help create a global stylish image of the brand.”

“The potent combination of Abhishek Bachcan, Italian designer Chicco and a world class retail environment designed by JHP London will help reinforce the brand’s core identity of an iconic global fashion brand,” Dubey added.

Kumar Subramaniam, President, Meridian, said, “The brief that was given to us was to create Flying Machine as a global brand representing the youth of today, who are aged between 22 years and 30 years, portraying the brand with an attitude as a means to express oneself.”

Meridian’s D’Silva said, “With the tagline ‘Fasten your seat belts’ and the TVC, we wanted to show that wearing the brand was akin to an exciting trip or a fun ride, and the one who wears Flying Machine jeans becomes highly desirable.”

The TVC features Bachchan Junior trying out a pair of Flying Machine jeans at a store, where he is cautioned by the storekeeper to ‘be careful’. He ignores the warning and moves out wearing his new jeans only to find that people outside are after his Flying Machine jeans. They chase him and try to grab him, but Aby’s Baby deftly gives them the slip and lands up in the same store from where he had bought his jeans. The storekeeper repeats her warning ‘I said to be careful’, but Bachchan Junior asks for two more pairs of Flying Machine jeans.

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