‘Excellence is an odd thing’: Agnello Dias at The One Show

‘Excellence is an odd thing’: Agnello Dias at The One Show

Author | Agnello Dias | Friday, Apr 03,2009 8:27 AM

‘Excellence is an odd thing’: Agnello Dias at The One Show

The One Show is just around the corner, and Taproot India’s Agnello Dias is the only Indian judge at the prestigious event this year. Dias writes, from Hawaii, on his experience at judging at the awards this year.

Excellence is an odd thing. It can be inspiring or intimidating, depending on which side of the altar you stand. And never has this peculiar trait been played out with as much clarity as on the sunny beaches of Hawaii these past four days, where I sit surrounded by the world’s finest examples of creative communication over the past year.

If you want a crash course in a nation’s culture, they say, watch its movies. But if you want a peek into its present day soul, I daresay, consume its communication.

For what we’re talking about is not some tourist claptrap being played to satiate some global cultural appetite. Advertising bares a nation’s true self, warts and all. It’s not what the nation in question would like to tell or sell the world. It’s what the nation is telling and selling themselves.

This is an incredible year to be judging The One Show. It’s probably going to be a year that will change the way our world is run in the next century. And to see first hand the way different markets and economies fight their own demons is to get a ringside view of one of the most important conflicts of the modern world.

As far as the work goes, what’s been an absolute eye opener is the sheer variety of physical and psychological sieves that filter out the work finally making it to The One Show Annual. Television, for instance, is where innovations are slowly snowballing – blurring the line between innovation and celluloid to such an extent that juries have to draw it again year after year.

The dramatic ebb and fall of print in the last few years has all the makings of an epic resurgence. It’s a category whose ability to be resilient and to reinvent is being constantly tested.

Innovation, branded and guerrilla prove unequivocally that the long-threatened spillover of advertising into life is finally upon us. The redefining of technological borders, economic realities and social mores is at once exciting and scary.

And lastly, if there’s anything I have seen in the last four days, it is this. That the current economic climate will turn out to be a shiny silver lining for creativity in communication. With all the theoretical jargon about 360 degree, out of the box and unconventional formats now being the need of the hour rather than trade copy.

And the brief, this time, has been written by Father Time himself.

Print is reinventing. Television is re-thinking. Design is reinforcing. And direct, outdoor and innovation are rescuing the small client with their incessant accountability.

I wish I could name a few of the pieces, but the second round in New York remains and this business may prove me wrong, yet again as usual.

But truth be told, it’s here while judging at The One Show that I’ve seen the most vivid demonstration of one of the simple home truths of this business – that the highs are as high as the lows are low.

And in sunny Hawaii, that could well be a tidal warning.

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