‘Chintamani’ dons the bat for ICICI Prudential’s 100% premium allocation plan

‘Chintamani’ dons the bat for ICICI Prudential’s 100% premium allocation plan

Author | Rishi Vora | Thursday, Jan 31,2008 7:01 AM

‘Chintamani’ dons the bat for ICICI Prudential’s 100% premium allocation plan

ICICI Prudential’s new tax saving campaign sees its mascot Chintamani in a new avatar – that of a cricketer. ICICI Prudential’s ‘common man’ who had endeared himself to the entire nation while trying to shed his tax burden, this time coaxes himself to give his 100 per cent on the field to promote a plan that not only helps save tax but also provides the benefit of 100 per cent premium allocation.

Commenting on the campaign, Sujit Ganguli, Senior Vice-President and Head-Marketing, ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Co Ltd, said, “The annual Chintamani campaign has made a name for itself as a communication that brings something novel every year while still remaining loyal to the tax savings storyline. True to that, Chintamani is back this year in a brand new avatar of a cricketer. And he has something more to talk of besides saving taxes. The current Chintamani campaign will promote a plan that not only allows you to save tax but also gives the benefit of 100 per cent premium allocation.”

Ganguli further said, “The new campaign is based on the insight that consumers prefer products that not only help them save tax, but also give them optimal investment options. The campaign has been designed in a crisp and concise manner to address these needs.”

Amer Jaleel, Executive Creative Director, Lowe Lintas, said, “The fast approaching tax season and the consumer insight that showed the need for a product offering that not only helps customers to save tax but also prove to an ideal investment option, resulting in the need to bring innovation to the annual tax saving campaign. For the first time, Chintamani, the tax saving icon for the Indian consumer, is promoting a product that combines the dual benefit of tax saving and optimising the investment option.”

Sharing the insight of the campaign, Jaleel explained, “The creative execution of the campaign is centered around the power of 100. It is based on a thought that whatever be the task, one will surely achieve 100 per cent result on putting in 100 per cent effort in the task. And that’s what the advertising proclaims too – when you give 100 per cent, you get 100 per cent. Chintamani takes the same thought forward in the TVC as he focuses hard on his batting and is rewarded with a century, which further connects to our 100 per cent proposition.”

Jaleel also shared the brand’s success story with its popular Mascot Chintamani. He said that ICICI Prudential Life did not believe in a brand ambassador, and that over the last five years, Chintamani had gained immense popularity while representing the average Indian consumer, who always endures hassles at the end of the year to save on taxes.

The new Chintamani tax saving campaign went on air last week, and is currently running across print, radio, outdoor and TV.

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