‘Butter se Better…Khaao Dabaakar’ Nutralite’s TVC invites all to indulge

‘Butter se Better…Khaao Dabaakar’ Nutralite’s TVC invites all to indulge

Author | Pallavi Goorha | Saturday, Jan 13,2007 9:14 AM

‘Butter se Better…Khaao Dabaakar’ Nutralite’s TVC invites all to indulge

Given the growing health consciousness among today’s generation, Nutralite’s new TVC campaign is a good example of the potential of categories that appeal to this growing segment. With a tag line ‘Butter se Better…Khaao Dabaakar’, the TVC is been executed by Mudra, Ahmedabad.

Rajesh Sonawne, Creative Director, Mudra Ahmedabad, said, “The idea behind the campaign is that we felt obliged to talk well about it in our capacity as foodies! It is common knowledge that more the butter on your toast, the better it tastes! However, one cannot really indulge himself or herself thus. Taste is the first great casualty of the worldwide bid to get fitter. Nutralite tastes exactly like butter. Its look and feel are similar to butter too. But unlike butter, it has zero cholesterol and no harmful fats. Thereby, it sponsors the indulgence in rich ‘buttery’ food. The ‘no cholesterol and no harmful fats’ story became a strong reason to believe in an advertising campaign that appealed for brazen indulgence of the taste buds.”

The TVC depicts a common kitchen scene in nearly every home – a foodie husband who loves to indulge in dripping-in-butter aloo paranthas and his wife who tries to restrict his intake, concerned about his growing girth. But in Nutralite both find a way to safely indulge, or should we say, overindulge without the fear of cholesterol or calories.

Said Sonawane, “We have all known women like the one shown in the film. They have to keep a watchful eye on their husbands, who are at times are too eager to indulge themselves in food that might not be good for their health. Nutralite is good news for them.”

He added, “We would be doing print, TVC, outdoor, in-shop merchandising and below the line activities. The TVC broke across all the channels, including Doordarshan recently. The print campaign broke across all newspapers and magazines. We are putting all outdoors hoardings all over India, but we are mainly focussing on metros. We are doing below the line activities like banners, promotions, etc.”

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