‘Agencies are no more advertising factories, but need to have thought leadership’

‘Agencies are no more advertising factories, but need to have thought leadership’

Author | Tuhina Anand | Monday, Aug 17,2009 8:27 AM

‘Agencies are no more advertising factories, but need to have thought leadership’

Mudra South is on an upswing, pocketing new businesses, getting its talent pool in place and moving on to a new address few months ago. The agency has managed to put in place a diverse talent pool comprising a stand-up comedian, fashion designer and even a housewife. Mudra South is upbeat about the creative output coming out from the agency and the Jockey campaign, which has been very visible since last month, proves this fact.

Joono Simon, Executive Creative Director, Mudra South, elaborated, “It has been a remarkable one and a half years for me since I came on board, be it in getting new businesses, changing the culture of the agency, winning awards, and just raising the bar of creative output. I honestly believe that there has to be a buzz around the agency so that clients as well as talent want to work with us. Agencies are no more advertising factories, but they need to have thought leadership and get respected for reflecting the popular culture by way of their work. Having realised this, Mudra South has undergone a major personality overhaul and we have brought a diverse talent pool in place that includes a stand-up comedian, fashion designer, and even a housewife.”

He added, “The purpose is to come up with media neutral communication solution, which will surprise the consumers. A diverse talent pool will help us in thinking out of the box and come up with something that is unique, unexpected and refreshing.”

The agency has got on board Carl Savio in its creative team, who moved from McCann Bangalore. In fact, to a large extent the team is new and is oozing with energy and dynamism. The agency also won the Agency of the Year award at Pepper Awards 2009 and won a Cannes Silver for the Air India account in outdoor category.

Simon further informed that Mudra South, which comprises Bangalore, Chennai and Kochi offices, had taken part in almost 30 pitches in the last one and a half years and had had a success rate of 90-95 per cent. These new businesses include Amrutanjan, Nippon, Jockey and Peter England People, among others.

“These wins have been hard fought as they have been multi-agency pitches with top agencies participating. What has worked in our favour is that I believe creativity is all about sugar-coating the pill. We spend time in getting into the strategy and getting the content right. We as a team believe that a pitch is a creative process and believe in every word that is said and done. There is a bit of drama and showmanship that is involved to amplify the idea,” he added.

Meanwhile, the agency has moved to a new location in Bangalore, which has also helped it in re-energising itself. Thus, things seem to be going in the right direction for Mudra South, be it in Simon’s wish of getting some lifestyle brands in its portfolio (which came true with Jockey and Peter England People), adding news businesses, talented people or a new office.

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