Adasia2011 Reporter’s AdAsia Diary: Setting the mood for Vietnam

Reporter’s AdAsia Diary: Setting the mood for Vietnam

Author | Shree Lahiri | Thursday, Nov 03,2011 9:25 AM

Reporter’s AdAsia Diary: Setting the mood for Vietnam

Day Two at AdAsia 2011 took off with clockwork precision, by now the AdAsians are familiar with the schedule for the day. At any given time, the corridors of the 5-star venue were spilling with people who were making their way to the sessions or were taking a break. To prove this point, it was brisk business at the coffee/ tea counters, along with some hectic networking. A senior VP from a leading advertising agency in the city confided that he had come to the venue with the sole purpose of meeting with his client.

The seriousness of the occasion was complemented by very entertaining moments too, giving the impression that the party continued throughout the day. Diana Hayden played the perfect host and post lunch there was a spectacular dance performance.

But fact of the matter was there were loads of sharing – thoughts, experiences that led to many engaging conversations. And, one of the speakers had pointed out that “a single individual sharing is the oldest form of media”.

The reactions were however mixed on the takeaway from the sessions. Some appreciated the talks and applauded the speakers. Some perceived that the content delivered could have been better, as did the gentleman from a far-flung country, who did not hesitate to appreciate the global forum, but lamented the fact that there was nothing that he could take back and implement.

A fitting finale to the day was the Vietnamese evening. The team had everyone donning the typical Vietnamese hat.

More interactions followed, along with exchanging of visiting cards, more slapping of the backs, more clinking of glasses and sharing of notes…

So, at the end of the day it was a parting… to meet again on Day 3 and celebrate the concluding day of this ad festival.


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