Reporter’s Diary: High on Goafest

Reporter’s Diary: High on Goafest

Author | Shubhangi Mehta | Saturday, Apr 16,2011 7:56 AM

Reporter’s Diary:  High on Goafest

Goa! Everyone, just everyone has a picture drawn in mind when they hear ‘GOA’. Now let’s try and describe the picture; walking on the beach, sand, shells, bike ride on narrow roads, seafood, sun-tan and loads and loads of fun. This is exactly what my idea of ‘Go Goa’ was, given the fact that it was my maiden trip. My first Goa trip also had the word ‘fest’ attached to it which made it all the more ‘stirring’.

Now let me be very clear and tell you that the picture that comes to your mind when you hear Goa has to be a completely different one when you are a journalist. For a journalist going to Goa for GoaFest means work, then work a little more, just a little bit more and then of course a little bit more, that too in a sleep deprived state (ok, I know I have embellished it a bit) but seriously, Goa, infact Goafest, for me meant ‘work’. Sounds bad? Well, wasn’t that bad after all!

My flight to Goa from Mumbai seemed to be a ‘Goafest flight’. With the likes of Arvind Sharma, Sam Balsara in it, I knew the rest of the trip will be full of known and not so known industry faces (giggles). Goa Airport seemed to be flooded with the whole advertising and media industry. The ‘hellos’ and ‘hugs’ inundated the Goa Airport.

By the way, I was the reporter to cover the first session at conclave. So, yes, we headed to the guest house and went to ‘Zuri White Sands’ where the registration counter added a dozen more members to the exchange4media team.

That was the start of my first Goafest. The next three days were pretty much the same. With filing reports after each and every session we kind of forgot that we were in a place called ‘Goa’. The Media awards day was a little easy though and we did manage to sneak out some time to walk on the beach and yes, have dinner for once when we were there.

I know I’m making this sound like- “all work and no play has made Shubhangi a dull girl” but I did have a good time working as well. I met a lot of industry people whom I had just spoken to on phone for comments for a story which included names like Prasoon Joshi (the name says it all) , Pat Burns- meeting him was a great experience especially after the mention of his name in my Expats Story. I also got to meet Lynn de Souza, Dheeraj Sinha, Satbir Singh I also managed to meet the ‘godfather’ of ZooZoos, Rajiv Rao and Sumanto Chattopadhyay(have his fan following in my office itself). Well, these are just a few to name there were many more I met. All the meetings were absolutely memorable some in good and some in ‘not so good’ way but yes, all were memorable.

Attending the Creative Abbys was super amusing, with the teams cheering for the winners with drum beats, hoots, whistles and cheerleaders. All in all I will never forget my first ever Goa trip and for me it was an overall success, hope my bosses think that too (winks).


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