IBD India bags Radius Infratel’s integrated brand communication biz

IBD India bags Radius Infratel’s integrated brand communication biz

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Friday, Jul 01,2011 8:25 AM

IBD India bags Radius Infratel’s integrated brand communication biz

Radius Infratel, an integrated telecom infrastructure company, has appointed IBD India, a division of Percept Hakuhodo, for creative and communication solutions.

The agency will work on the strategy and creative deliverables of Radius Infratel. To start with, IBD will be focusing on making Radius a preferred brand in the Shared Fibre To The Home (FTTH) domain, which as of now is a virgin territory in terms of communication and establish the solution NANO as a future-smart move.

Speaking about the collaboration, H. S. Singh, MD, Radius Infratel Pvt. Ltd said, “When we set out to shortlist on an advertising agency for our growing communication requirements, we just had one dominant thought in our mind – comprehension and simplification. That’s because for the common man to benefit from Radius’ technology, it is important that it be taken to him in a lucid and insightful manner. After various rounds of scrutiny and discussions, we found IBD as a team of individuals who understood the nature of our business inside out and came up with simple but excellent solutions.”

Elaborating about Radius’s USP Jyotsna Chauhan, COO, IBD India Pvt. Ltd. said, “The basic concept of NANO itself is pretty exciting to say the least. Imagine surfing the internet at speeds that we’ve seen only on papers. IPTV, landline phone, WiFi connection, internet connection everything come through a single fibre. The surveillance cameras in your complex, the home automation systems – they are all connected through a single fibre. That’s a clean and clutter-free ambience. It’s a big world of possibilities hosted in a single strand of fibre. And that for us is a big talking point – one that gives Radius an edge in their communications strategy. With our unique communications plan we are sure to strengthen the presence of Radius Infratel in the market.”

The basic plank for the entire communication plan for Radius is based on its proprietary and technology called NANO (Neutral Access Network Operations). The concept of NANO is to provide a unified last mile solution on optic fiber that allows users to access internet speeds upto 1 Gbps, video intercoms, IPTV HD networks, home automation solutions and much more. Unlike conventional FTTH networks, where the network carries only one service from one service provider, NANO carries multiple services from multiple service providers, all on a single strand of fibre.

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