DraftFCB Ulka bags Four Square biz

DraftFCB Ulka bags Four Square biz

Author | Tasneem Limbdiwala | Monday, Oct 11,2010 8:12 AM

DraftFCB Ulka bags Four Square biz

Godfrey Phillips India (GPI) has decided to hand over the creative duties of its flagship brand Four Square to DraftFCB Ulka. The win comes following a long relationship between GPI and DraftFCB Ulka, where the two had partnered in re-launching various other brands like Cavanders, North Pole and Red & White. Sanjeev Bhargava, COO, DraftFCB Ulka, has confirmed the win.

Speaking on the win, Bhargava said, “The relationship between GPI and DraftFCB Ulka is deep and productive. It is because of this that GPI decided to give the opportunity on Four Square to us without a pitch process.”

When asked about the ad spends on the business, Bhargava said that cigarette brands operated in a dark market and hence, the traditional advertising and advertising budgets did not exist in this category. He further said, “Marketing activities are designed around a core positioning that the agency helps create and the activation is all in the areas of customer engagement. Hence, budgets for this are outside the purview of the advertising agency.”

On the factors that favoured the agency to win the business, he said, “Cigarette marketing is a specialised area, which requires a very deep understanding of the adult smoker dynamics, including psychographics, sociology, ethnography and so on. Very few advertising agencies are equipped to handle this level of in-depth processesing and we feel that our successful track record and experience was the reason we were elected to handle this responsibility.”

GPI claims to be the second largest player in the Indian cigarette industry. Under its flagship umbrella some of the brands include Four Square, Red & White, Jaisalmer, Cavanders and Tipper.

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