15 per cent cap irks FM operators

A 15 per cent cap on owned frequencies has upset a few operators as the ministry outlined its process for carrying out the auctions

Vineet Singh Hukmani
MD & CEO, Radio One

People have forgotten that radio is actually the first social media. Everywhere in the world the best interactions before digital came because radio was live. It is digital which has learned from radio and not the other way ...

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RAM Ratings Week 1: Bangalore continues to see highest TSLs

By Tuesday Jan 20, 2015

The first week data for 2015 (December 28, 2014 - January 3, 2015) from RAM is in and sees drop in market share by previous week's leaders

18 new FM channels for Northeast, 15 for J&K

By Tuesday Jan 20, 2015

The government has approved 18 new FM radio channels in the eight North-Eastern states and 15 new FM Radio Channels in J&K

Here's why Friday's cabinet approval is a big decision for FM

By Monday Jan 19, 2015

Radio operators are ecstatic after receiving cabinet approval for Phase III auctions and here is why

BBC World Service, AIR & Australian Broadcasting Corporation launch cricket show Stumped

By Saturday Jan 17, 2015

The team of Stumped has presenters from all the three broadcasters; Prakash Wakankar, English commentator of AlR, Alison Mitchell, first female commentator of BBC and programme host Jim Maxwell from ABC

Govt releases confirmation of Phase III auctions in 69 existing cities

By Saturday Jan 17, 2015

The auctions will be carried out in an ascending e-auction basis, as was earlier suggested by TRAI. The cabinet has also given approval to migration (renewal) of private FM Radio licenses from Phase-II to Phase-Ill on payment of migration fee