RED FM goes OOH with digital pledge-meters, spurring people to 'press the button'

'Dabaa Ke Bajaa' campaign's OOH leg by DDB MudraMax has huge hoardings with integrated digital LED pledge-meters reflecting the number of people who have pledged to vote

Ashit Kukian
President & COO, Radio City

After print and TV, radio is the lead medium for advertisers to talk to consumers. I look at it in two ways. This is a day and age of competition. So, firstly, you align your resources in the medium that you operate in and th...

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Upbeat radio players hike ad rates, but will advertisers pay?

By Wednesday Mar 05, 2014

Owing to strong performance and a 17.96% growth rate in 2013, quite a few FM players are increasing their ad rates, calling it course-correction. But will advertisers consider the value proposition?

"We sacrifice short-term revenues for long-term increase in listenership"

By Saturday Mar 01, 2014

If you have good content, then listeners are bound to listen to your station, no matter how much you shout about yourself, says Malayala Manorama Group’s Amit Mathew

Radio operators react positively to TRAI's recommendations

By Wednesday Feb 26, 2014

The FM radio players have appreciated the fact that TRAI has understood most of the concerns raised by them regarding Phase III migration & extension of license period

TRAI releases Phase III recommendations, agrees with broadcasters on most points

By Friday Feb 21, 2014

TRAI has agreed with radio operators on most points, such as granting licenses for 15 years from the date of migration to Phase III and fixing the date of migration as March 31, 2015, among other recommendations

Big FM hikes ad rates by 20-30% across markets

By Wednesday Feb 19, 2014

The FM player calls its decision to hike the ad rates as price correction, given the network strength and more recently, the network's performance - both in metros & emerging markets