ISL scores with digital media

ISL scores with digital media

The first edition of the Indian Super League has taken a leaf out of IPL and a lesson from Pro Kabaddi to keep the buzz alive on social media; with a bit of help from its star patrons and players fullstory image

Anshul Jain
Anshul Jain
CEO, ThoughtBuzz | TO THE NEW

The current interest in Big Data has been primarily fuelled by two key trends: massive volumes of publicly available data on the internet, and growth of technological solutions. Opinions differ widely as to ... Fullinterview Image


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Obi Mobiles refuses to jump onto e-retail wagon

By Thursday Oct 30, 2014

Where most other new entrants in the crowded smartphone market in India seem to prefer to take the e-commerce route, Obi Mobile wants to create a specific product strategy for different mediums while concentrating on brick-and-mortar retailers first fullstory image

UK-based telecom service provider New Call acquires Nimbuzz

By Thursday Oct 30, 2014

The overall value is expected to be around $250 million with New Call taking 70% stake in Nimbuzz for $175 million, a source familiar with the transaction confirmed fullstory image

SoftBank to invest $627 million in Snapdeal

By Thursday Oct 30, 2014

Earlier this year, the company raised $133.77 million as a result of a round led by eBay and $105 million as result of a financial round which saw participation from institutional investors fullstory image

Mobile gaming with strategic approach could be 'Manna' for brands

By Wednesday Oct 29, 2014

Lack of creativity and long-term strategy seem to plague the mobile gaming biz in the country, which is more skewed towards native ads and user friendly apps fullstory image

Mashable partners with MEC to license its proprietary Velocity technology

By Tuesday Oct 28, 2014

Mashable's Velocity scours the web collecting data around how people engage with content and feeds the information into an algorithm, which forecasts what content is about to go viral fullstory image