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"Sometimes a total rewiring of the agency is required"

"Sometimes a total rewiring of the agency is required"

In a world where Big Data, technology and insights bring the consumer closer to the marketer than ever before, Nick Emery, CEO, Mindshare Worldwide maintains that everything begins and ends with media.

According to Emery, marketing is about people. New media marketing has the same needs – deliver reach, brand impact and most importantly, ROI. Change is a necessary aspect and it generally observes three types of reactions and hence, Emery believes that all business not born of this age must be destroyed. “Real lives comprise neither of content spam nor of profit-led channels,” he noted.

Emery is also of the opinion that a media CRM world needs to know individual customers. The role of a media agency starts from understanding the consumer. Sometimes a total rewiring of the agency is required, which would eventually lead to agencies of change. This would also present a question – the possibility of a new golden age fuelled by data, since there are certain challenges for the data dream now. Source of inspiration is also a must for new media marketing, believes Emery.


Commenting on the significant elements necessary for new media marketing, Emery said, “The client paradox could be understood by differentiation between CMO and CMTO, wherein CMO is associated with a new world and the latter with procurement.”

According to Emery, marketers should also leverage on the social power of celebrity. Creating micro-communities and visual network can be great elements in new media marketing. In micro-communities, users are measured across the social graph and also measured in terms of inspiration graph. “A new organisation primarily revolves around three principles: namely, content, connection and integration. A new golden era will hence, entail red ocean or blue ocean challenge, industrial copywriting as adaptive planning, trading models such as holistic brand and media data, among others,” added Emery.

Nick Emery was sharing his views at the Mumbai leg of the e4m Conclave on October 23, 2012. He was speaking on the topic ‘The dawn of the new marketing era’. The Conclave was presented by Jagran.

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