Dainik Bhaskar
Writer: Sai Prasanna - Friday, Oct 28,2011 8:37 AM

IRS 2011 Q2: Periodicals on agriculture see 44% fall in last 2 yrs

The Agriculture magazine segment, present only in regional languages, has seen an overall decrease in numbers. The drop has been more drastic in the last two years, a loss of 2.09 lakh readers (44 per cent decline). Over the past year, the segment has lost close to 31,000 readers, a 10 per cent decline in AIR.

Magazine Karshakasree, although registering a 6% decline in the last two years, has seen a tremendous growth in readership base over the past year. The magazine added 1.07 lakh readers to its tally with a gain of 68 percent. Annadata which had an AIR of 1.93 lakh as per 2009 R1 and an AIR of 1.38 lakh in 2010 Q2 has not made it to this year’s IRS.


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