Writer: Sai Prasanna - Thursday, Oct 20,2011 9:01 AM
IRS 2011 Q2: Tech magazine readership up 22 pc from 2009 R1

The IRS 2011 Q2 results have shown that the ‘Technology’ genre under the ‘Special Interest’ magazines category has seen an overall uptrend in readership of 22 per cent over that of 2009 R1 2009 (55,000). However, when compared to the same period last year, there has been a decline of 13 per cent (-45,000).

Digit, the monthly magazine from 9.9 Media, has seen robust growth over the last two years. From an average issue readership (AIR) of 1.45 lakh in 2009 R1, the magazine currently boasts a readership base of 2.27 lakh, a jump of 57 per cent. The figures have again seen an upward spike of 14 per cent over 2020 Q2, an addition of 28,000 readers.

Meanwhile, PCQuest, published by Cyber Media, is witnessing a decline in readership from 2010 Q2 and over the last two years. The drop in readership from last year is around 50 per cent, losing nearly 73,000 readers as compared to a two-year drop of 27,000 (27 per cent decline).

Magazines on Agriculture
The ‘Agriculture’ segment, present only in regional languages, has seen an overall decrease in numbers. The drop has been more drastic in the last two years, a loss of 2.09 lakh readers (44 per cent decline). Over the past year, the segment has lost close to 31,000 readers, a 10 per cent decline in AIR.

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