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Writer: Sai Prasanna - Monday, Oct 17,2011 10:44 AM

IRS 2011 Q2: English publications fare better than regional in Goa

Newspapers in Goa have not witnessed encouraging year-on-year results, with the loss in average issue readership (AIR) exceeding the gain by two-fold. Among the top 10 dailies in the state, while combined y-o-y decline in AIR is 93,000, the overall gain only comes to 28,000. The quarter-on- quarter results have turned out marginally better with a total addition in AIR from the top 10 coming to 57,000 and the drop at 29,000.

Marathi daily Tarun Bharat at No. 1 has lost readers y-o-y as well as q-o-q. It has registered a 7 per cent decline from 2010 Q2 (-26,000) and a 4 per cent drop from 2011 Q1 (-15,000). The other two players that saw the highest year-on-year decline in AIR are English daily The Navhind Times at No. 6 (-27,000/ 18 per cent fall) and Marathi daily Pudhari at No. 10 (-29,000/ 69 per cent fall). While The Navhind Times saw a quarterly increase in numbers (+7,000/ 6 per cent gain), Pudhari saw a 13 per cent decline in AIR (-2,000).

Marathi daily Lokmat at No. 3 lost 12,000 from the previous quarter, a 7 per cent drop in AIR, while English daily O Heraldo saw a 2 per cent fall from last year, with an AIR of 1.27 lakh in 2011 Q2, but gaining 7,000 readers over the quarter (6 per cent increase).

The dailies that have seen a rise in AIR, both y-o-y and q-o-q, were Marathi daily Gomantak (+17,000, 10 per cent gain over 2010 Q2 and +14,000, 8 per cent gain over the previous quarter), The Times of India (+8,000, 12 per cent gain over last year and +4,000, 6 per cent gain over 2011 Q1), The Indian Express (+3,000, 9 per cent gain over 2010 Q2 and +7,000, 23 per cent gain over the previous quarter), The Economic Times (+3,000, 15 per cent gain over last year and +8,000, 53 per cent gain over 2011 Q1), and Marathi daily Loksatta (+5,000, 50 per cent gain over last year and +10,000, a whopping 200 per cent gain over 2011 Q1).

Nine of the top ten publications are English, with only one Marathi magazine making it to this list, and all of them have fared well either year-on-year or quarter-on-quarter. While four magazines among the top ten have seen a combined decline of 55,000 in AIR, the gain has been just 21,000. The overall q-o-q gain exceeds the fall in AIR by a thin margin – increase of 28,000 and a decline of 24,000.

English weekly India Today at the top spot has lost 10,000 readers over the year, a drop of 28 per cent in AIR. Readers’ Digest has reported drop in AIR y-o-y (-8,000/ 29 per cent drop) as well as q-o-q (-3,000/ 13 per cent drop). Marathi monthly Grihashobhika saw the highest fall in numbers y-o-y (-23,000/ 68 per cent drop) as well as q-o-q (-15,000/ 58 per cent drop). English monthly Wisdom reflected the same trend – a 61 per cent decline in AIR from 2010 Q2 (-14,000) and a 40 per cent decline over the previous quarter of 6,000.

English monthly Overdrive at No. 2 exhibited the highest gain in readership y-o-y (+10,000/ 83 per cent gain) and q-o-q (+7,000/ 47 per cent gain). Others which registered an increase in AIR were English weeklies The Sportstar (+9,000 y-o-y, 100 per cent gain and +7,000 q-o-q, 64 per cent gain) and Outlook (+2,000 y-o-y, 33 per cent gain and +3,000, 60 per cent gain over the previous quarter). Competition Success Review (+5,000/ 100 per cent gain), Femina (+4,000/67 per cent gain), and Business Today (+2,000/ 29 per cent gain) saw an increase in AIR over the previous quarter.

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