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Writer: Arwa Sultanali - Thursday, Oct 13,2011 10:30 AM

IRS 2011 Q2: Dailies see decline in Andhra; magazines mostly see growth

Most of the top ten dailies in Andhra Pradesh have registered decline in their average issue readership (AIR) as per the Indian Readership Survey (IRS) 2011 Q2 results when compared to the same period last year. Most of them have also shown either decline or a marginal increase in readership over the previous quarter.

Largest read Telugu daily Eenadu tops the list, but has recorded a decline of 2 per cent in AIR – from 60.87 lakh readers in the IRS 2010 Q2 to 59.50 lakh readers in the same period this year.

Second most read Telugu newspaper Sakshi has registered an AIR of 50.56 lakh readers in 2011 Q2, up 9 per cent from last year’s AIR of 46.38 lakh.

Andhra Jyoti, placed third, has seen a decline of 11 per cent with its AIR, falling from 23.68 lakh readers in the same period last year to 21.10 lakh in 2011 Q2. However, the paper’s readership grew 5 per cent from 20.04 lakh in IRS 2011 Q1.

English daily Deccan Chronicle took the fourth spot with a 6 per cent decline in its AIR -- from 7.86 in IRS 2010 Q2 to 7.42 in IRS 2011 Q2.

Telugu daily Vartha occupies the fifth spot, recording the highest decline of 62 percent with its AIR falling from 8.94 lakh readers in IRS 2010 Q2 to 3.44 in the corresponding period this year. However when compared to the IRS recorded in 2011 Q1 -3.66 lakh – the paper has seen a decline of 5 percent.

English daily Hindu retains its position as the sixth one and has seen a decline of nine percent bringing it down to 2.96 lakh as per IRS 2011 Q2 from 3.25 lakh in the same period last year. The figure for the paper remains unchanged over the quarter.

Telugu daily Andhra Bhoomi took the seventh spot and recorded a marginal increase of 4 percent in its AIR at 2.53 lakh in IRS 2011 Q2 from 2.44 lakh in the same period last year. The paper recorded a decline of about 5 percent in its AIR when compared to 2.65 lakh in the previous quarter.

English daily The Times of India settled at the eighth spot with an AIR of 1.26 lakh in 2011 Q2, down 9 percent from last year’s AIR of 1.30 lakh. But when compared to the previous quarter, the AIR has increased by 13 percent.

Telugu daily Andhra Prabha made it to the ninth position with a decline of 9 percent in its AIR at 1.05 lakh in 2011 Q2 from an AIR of 1.16 lakh in the same period last year. When compared to the AIR of IRS 2011 Q1, which is 1.21 lakh, the AIR has seen a decrease of 13 percent.

Urdu daily Siasat has managed to move to the tenth spot, but with a decline in its AIR of 21 percent over the one-year period, which stays at 70,000 as per IRS 2011 Q2 results. The paper also went down 14 per cent from its IRS 2011 Q1 figure of 81,000.

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