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Writer: Arwa Sultanali - Wednesday, Oct 12,2011 11:19 AM

IRS 2011 Q2: It’s a decline story for dailies in Orissa

As per the Indian Readership Survey (IRS) 2011 Q2 results, it has turned out to be a difficult year for the top ten dailies in Orissa. Most dailies have seen a fall in their average issue readership (AIR) over last year. Even the quarter-on-quarter percentages too don’t look promising. Two dailies – Dharitri and Nava Bharat – from the top ten magazines have fared much better over last year and over the quarter.

Orissa daily Sambad retains the top spot with a six percent decrease in AIR over the last year - from 16.06 lakh readers in the previous year to 15.04 in this year - the least decline over the year from the top ten dailies.

Orissa daily Dharitri at No. 2 position added 1.33 lakh players over the year – from AIR of 13.22 lakh in the previous year to 14.55 in this year.

The Orissa daily Samaj is at No. 3 with an 8 percent decrease in AIR over the last year – from 14.97 lakhs in the previous year as compared to 13.78 lakhs this year.

At the fourth position, Orissa daily Samaya has recorded the highest decline of 46 percent over the last year, losing 1.56 lakh readers and a decline of 14 percent over the last quarter, losing 30,000 readers. The paper has registered an AIR of 1.85 lakh readers this year.

The Times of India is the first English daily to make the list at the fifth position after registering a decline of 16 percent – from an AIR of 1.61 lakh this year as compared to 1.91 lakh readers in the last year and a seven percent drop when compared to 1.74 lakh in the previous quarter.

The New Indian Express is the second English player to make it to the list at No.6, losing 37,000 thousand readers -- from last year’s AIR of 1.24 lakh to 87,000 readers this year and losing 14,000 readers this quarter as compared to 1.01 lakh readers in the last quarter

Hindi daily Dainik Kagran at No.7 with an AIR of 31,000 this year -- has seen a decline of 24 percent as compared to the AIR of 41,000 in the previous year and -- a drop of 16 percent as compared to 37,000 readers in the previous quarter.

Hindi daily Nava Bharat occupied the eighth position with the highest percentage growth - 50 percent over the last year – from an AIR of 20,000 readers in the previous year to 30,000 readers this year and 36 percent over the quarter – as compared to the AIR of 22,000 in the previous quarter.

English daily Hindu took the ninth position on the charts, losing 13,000 readers, a decline of 38 percent - from last year with an AIR of 34,000 to 21,000 this year. When compared to the corresponding quarter last year with an AIR of 23,000, the player lost 2,000 players, a decline of 9 percent.

While English daily The Telegraph took the last spot, gaining 3,000 readers over the year -- from last year with an AIR of 16,000 readers to 19,000 readers this year -- and the percentage growth has gone up by 27 percent for the quarter, gaining 4,000 readers over the quarter when compared to the 2011 Q1 of 15,000.

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